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September 2023

Five methods that grocery stores use to prevent food waste – the popularity of red-flagged products is still growing

Grocery stores combat food waste and invest in its prevention in many ways. Customers of K-food stores can now contribute to reducing food waste by purchasing products made with food that would otherwise have been wasted, such as fruit and vegetable boxes and bread bags. At the same time, the popularity of red-flagged products continues to grow, and a variety of products made with potential waste food can now be found on store shelves. Biogas from inedible waste food is used in processes such as the production of Pirkka Amppari ice cream.

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08.09.2023 08:30

August 2023

Kesko Sweden to concentrate its building and home improvement trade operations under the K-Bygg chain

Kesko will concentrate its building and home improvement trade operations in Sweden under the K-Bygg chain, and will increasingly focus on serving building professionals alongside consumers. The K-Rauta stores in Sweden will either be converted into K-Bygg stores or closed. Kesko’s building and home improvement trade operations in Sweden will be concentrated under one brand by the end of 2024.

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29.08.2023 12:30

Kesko acquires the Danish builders’ merchant Davidsen and enters Denmark

Kesko has agreed to acquire Davidsen Koncernen A/S, one of the largest builders’ merchants in Denmark. The acquisition marks Kesko’s first step into the Danish market and gives it a solid foothold in the local building materials market. It also further advances Kesko’s objective of strengthening its market position in Northern Europe. The Davidsen family will remain as a 10% minority shareholder in the company.

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23.08.2023 09:00

Over 264,000 euros raised to help Ukrainian families

Sales of Ukraine ribbons raised over 264,000 euros to help Ukrainian families that have come to Finland. The funds raised are being used to organise communal activities and events to bring Ukrainian and Finnish families together. The funds are also being used to provide food gift cards to Ukrainian families in need.

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15.08.2023 07:00

Kesko’s sales in July

Kesko Group’s sales in July 2023 totalled €908.8 million, representing a decrease of 1.3%.

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14.08.2023 08:00

Warehouse worker Elias onboards new arrivals as an instructor and knows what it takes to succeed on the job

Elias Tölli works at K Group’s central warehouse in Hakkila, Vantaa. He has been a warehouse worker for 13 years and enjoys his work. As part of the job, he welcomes and onboards new employees, and knows what it takes to excel in warehouse work.


04.08.2023 11:03

AI for the shopping cart – a Data Scientist transforms data into everyday customer innovations

Matias Tiainen, 28, loves numbers and solving mathematical problems. In his work as a Data Scientist, he gets to apply artificial intelligence to business as one of K Group’s 500 IT and digital experts.


04.08.2023 10:58

July 2023

Kesko’s sales in June

Kesko Group's sales in June 2023 totalled €1,101.9 million, representing an increase of 1.3%.

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14.07.2023 08:00

Caps increasingly remain attached to beverage containers – changes due to regulations are visible in packaging and sorting

Customers buying beverage products may be surprised to find that the cap no longer comes completely off the carton or bottle. The reason for this are the new requirements that are now visible in the everyday life of consumers in Finland. At the same time, amendments to the Waste Act make the more varied sorting of waste possible for an increasing number of people. The first changes to beverage containers have already been initiated at K Group. At the same time, written sorting instructions found on the packaging make sorting easier at homes.

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04.07.2023 07:15

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