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May 2021

Riikka Joukio, Kesko’s new EVP of Corporate Responsibility and Public Affairs, solves climate issues at work

Riikka Joukio joined Kesko’s Group Management Board on 12 April as she began work as the Executive Vice President in charge of corporate responsibility and public affairs. Before joining Kesko, she worked at Metsä Group, most recently as Senior Vice President, Climate and Circular Economy.

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06.05.2021 10:50

April 2021

Finns favour domestic products at a level that is exceptional on a global scale

The tendency to favour domestic products is a global phenomenon in which Finland rises to the top, as Finns prefer domestic products more than average. At K Group, we work hard to ensure the good availability of Finnish products in both our grocery and building and home improvement stores, and the effort is reflected in our sales data. Growth in the sales of Finnish products, especially those with origin labelling, clearly exceeded market growth in Finland last year.

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29.04.2021 13:05

All Pirkka and K-Menu tuna cans to have QR codes that enable customers to access information on the products’ origin

Where does the tuna sold in K Group stores come from and is it sustainably caught? K Group is adding QR codes to its canned Pirkka and K Menu tuna products to enable customers to check the origin of the products at the store. The first tuna products with QR codes can already be found in K Group stores.

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29.04.2021 13:00

K Charge network will expand in 2021 with 20 new charging stations – fast charging up by over 130%

K Group continues investments in its K Charge network in 2021, with focus on high power charging (HPC) stations. K Charge is the biggest fast charging network for electric vehicles in Finland, and K Group will build 20 new K Charge stations before the end of the year.

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20.04.2021 16:23

Kesko’s comparable sales grew in March

Kesko Group's sales totalled €1,023.8 million in March 2021, representing an increase of 16.9% in comparable terms on the previous year.

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16.04.2021 08:00

Invitation to Kesko’s Q1-webcast on 28 April 2021

A stock exchange release concerning Kesko's interim report for the first quarter of 2021 will be published on Wednesday, 28 April 2021, at around 9.00 am (EET/EEST).

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14.04.2021 14:50

March 2021

K Group and the Finnish 4H Federation help thousands of young people find work – 45% of participants got summer jobs last year

For many young people, summer jobs are their first introduction to work. K Group and the Finnish 4H Federation are collaborating on an initiative that aims to support the work life skills of young people and help them find summer jobs. In 2021, the collaboration expands to include 16,000 people finishing comprehensive school, one-third of all people in the age group. The trading sector has a significant role in providing young people with work experience.

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30.03.2021 09:08

Saving 95,000 cardboard boxes a year – Kespro switches to reusable plastic containers for transports

K Group’s foodservice company Kespro is making changes to its transport packaging in order to reduce the consumption of cardboard by some 50 tonnes per year. As restaurants and cafés in Finland are obliged to recycle cardboard waste from foodservice transports, the change will also reduce waste disposal costs for them.

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25.03.2021 08:48

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