Lead with strategy, enable success, trust people and show them respect. These four leadership cornerstones guide the work of supervisors and guarantee employees a more harmonious support, information flow and development opportunities. The success of leadership work is monitored with personnel surveys.

Supervisor training supports working in line with the strategy and encourages leaders to act and lead with initiative and responsibility. The implementation and evolution of the leadership cornerstones is monitored with a personnel survey.

Performance management

Performance management is one of the most important aspects of supervisors' work. Performance management allows us to implement the strategy together and helps us incorporate key strategic matters into our everyday work. We apply the same performance management model throughout the group. We give feedback, discuss about goals and plan development as part of our everyday work.

Performance management involves goal setting. Setting goals is one of the most important cornerstones in strategy implementation. By setting appropriate goals that are essential for successfully implementing the strategy, we can focus on matters essential for strategy implementation and, consequently, attain our goals together. 

Listening to the personnel; Continuous development of employee experience

K Voices personnel surveys and pulses are our ways of systematically listening to the experiences of the personnel and measuring the quality of leadership. We utilise the results to develop methods for creating an ever better employee experience.

K Voices personnel survey is conducted in Kesko Group and some K-stores at the same time. The personnel survey addresses such matters as personnel commitment, the personnel's experiences on management work, performance enablement, well-being and psychosocial load. Based on the survey results, the teams prepare an action plan with suggested development measures and, where necessary, are provided with support to develop the way they work. Personnel pulses are used to monitor progress on the themes requiring development, based on the previous survey. They support listening to the team members on an ongoing basis and everyday managerial work by immediate managers. 

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