K Group’s own grocery store brands: Pirkka and K-Menu

Pirkka, Pirkka Parhaat and K-Menu products play a key role in ensuring versatile selections in K Group’s grocery stores.

Quality and affordability key success factors for the Pirkka range

Good everyday food does not need to be difficult, time consuming or expensive. Pirkka products are conveniently available to everyone in Finland.

Pirkka products combine high quality with affordable prices. The Pirkka range comprises over 2,800 products, which play a significant role in K-food stores’ selections. 

Pirkka products are of high quality and more affordable than corresponding branded products. The background work and the price-quality ratio of the products contribute to the success of the Pirkka range.

Around one hundred new products are added to the Pirkka range every year. Currently, there are over 200 organic Pirkka Luomu products and over 20 Pirkka Fairtrade products, and the selection is actively developed.


Finnish products prioritised for the Pirkka range

When products are selected for the Pirkka range, priority is always given to the Finnish alternative, provided that it meets the quality and price criteria. More than 1,000 of the products in the Pirkka range are made or grown in Finland. Pirkka has a significant impact in terms of employment in Finland, as products are manufactured by more than 180 companies around the country. Pirkka also offers many small Finnish producers the opportunity to access a nationwide market and grow their production in a controlled manner. The producers do not need to handle marketing, as K Group handles the marketing for Pirkka products. The local content rate of fresh Pirkka products, such as meat and processed meat and liquid dairy products such as milks and creams, is very high, close to 100%.

All Pirkka products made in Finland indicate the producer’s name and location on the packaging. With Pirkka products made outside Finland, the country of manufacture is stated on the packaging. Some 600 products in the Pirkka range carry an indication of Finnish origin: nearly 300 bear the Hyvää Suomesta (Produce of Finland) label, some 100 the Seed leaf symbol, and some 200 the Key Flag symbol.

More information about Pirkka products can be found (in Finnish) at www.k-ruoka.fi/pirkka.


Pirkka Parhaat – the premium range

Products selected for the Pirkka Parhaat premium range must meet special criteria for origin, ingredients, or method of production. Pirkka Parhaat products can be easily spotted on store shelves as their packaging differs from regular Pirkka products and other brands. The range includes both international flavours as well as Finnish products requested by customers.

Pirkka Parhaat opens the door to a more flavourful life. Delicious products of excellent quality are created with the best ingredients by masters in their fields.

For customers who want excellent quality and original genuine tastes, Pirkka Parhaat products offer the best value in return for their money.

The Pirkka Parhaat range currently comprises some 300 products.


K-Menu – staples at a low price

The key quality of the K-Menu range is its affordability. K-Menu products are quality everyday items, such as fresh and processed meat, pasta, juice, frozen foods and canned goods. Emphasis is on food staples: products where price makes the biggest difference for consumers. The K-Menu range offers price conscious customers the chance to save money on food.

K-Menu packaging is colourful and stands out with a fresh, distinct visual appearance. The K-Menu range currently comprises some 300 products. 

More information about the K-Menu range can be found (in Finnish) at www.k-ruoka.fi/k-menu

Quality assured by K Group’s own product research unit

Consumers must always be able to trust the quality and safety of our products and their manufacturing processes, which is why we constantly monitor product quality. The quality of all own brand products sold in K Group grocery stores – Pirkka, Pirkka Parhaat, K-Menu and Euro Shopper – is assured by K Group’s own product research unit, which analyses more than 10,000 product samples every year.

K Group actively monitors food trends and consumer wishes, and uses that data in the development of its own brand selections.

You can give feedback on Pirkka, Pirkka Parhaat, K-Menu and Euro Shopper products at www.k-ruoka.fi/palaute


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