Work at logistics and Warehouses

In K Group grocery trade logistics center in Vantaa, there are always positions available. Here you can find more information about the work.

Why warehouse work at K?

Warehouse work is a good option, because there are plenty of jobs available, and you can influence your earnings by performing well. You don't need previous education or experience for the job - motivation is more important.

  • The salary is good and you can influence it yourself: K pays warehouse workers a competitive performance bonus. In addition to the salary and allowances according to the collective agreement, we pay a performance bonus based on work performance.
  • For different life situations: In many people's opinion, warehouse work is flexible and independent. We offer various employment contract options for a wide range of life situations: shift work, night work, part-time work and full-time work. The job is well suited for a student, but also as a full-time profession.
  • Career paths: Warehouse work also offers further career paths. Also supervisors and logistics expert roles, are largely hired within the company. You have the opportunity to change tasks also within the K Group - there are a total of 40,000 of us K people in seven countries.
  • K's personnel benefits: The employee also has access to K Group's comprehensive personnel benefits in our three divisions.

How is the work like? 

At the grocery trade logistics center in Vantaa, your job is to collect the products to be delivered to K grocery stores all over Finland. In Vantaa, you have around 2500 work collegues, which makes the center one of the biggest logistics centers in Finland. 

The work is carried our independently by voice collecting, using a headset that tells the instructions. The work doesn't require previous experience and we will train you to your work tasks. 



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