Sending e-invoices to the Kesko Group companies

The Kesko Group companies only accept invoices in the electronic format. E-invoicing generates cost savings for both the senders and recipients. At the same time, invoice processing becomes faster, archiving becomes easier and the environmental load from paper invoices becomes smaller.

For suppliers, the adoption of electronic invoicing means sending invoices online, or using an EDI connection. All cost invoices shall be sent to Kesko in electronic format. In the case of products to be resold, suppliers must contact the relevant Kesko division parent company for detailed instructions.

How to send e-invoices?

What to do if you cannot send e-invoices

Contact details

Kesko's information channel in e-invoicing matters is this website.

These pages provide updated instructions and information. 

For e-invoice addresses, please go to: eInvoice addresses

Invoice reference information

In order that invoices can be processed in a timely manner, please take care that invoices provide sufficient reference information.

The reference information on expense invoices must always include:
- the name of verifier or contact person, and
- other identifying reference information, such as profit centre, building account or store site name

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