How to send e-invoices?

Kesko's e-invoicing operator is OpusCapita Solutions Oy. The supported e-invoice formats are Finvoice and TEAPPSXML.

Invoice senders' e-invoicing operators need to know two things for transmitting e-invoices:

  • The e-invoice address of the Kesko Group company to enable Kesko's e-invoicing operator to direct the invoice to the right company. The e-invoice address is always the same regardless of the e-invoice format used by the supplier.
  • The transmitter code of Kesko's e-invoicing operator. All necessary codes for each company are available here.

Additional information on the adoption of e-invoicing is also available on TIEKE Finnish Information Society Development Centre's website at:

Unfortunately, it is not yet possible to include attachments with invoices sent through a bank network. The Kesko Group companies do not accept attachments separated from the invoice. If you send e-invoices through a bank network and the invoices include attachments, the invoices with attachments shall be sent in paper format to the scanning service. Instructions on using the scanning service are available under subheading 'What to do if you cannot send e-invoices'.

Suppliers should verify from their operator that online invoices sent to the Kesko Group companies have been transmitted onwards successfully. Suppliers must not send paper copies of their e-invoices by way of verification.

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