Kespro is the leading foodservice wholesale company in Finland and a partner for its customer businesses and municipalities.


K Group’s restaurant wholesale company Kespro offers its customers a diverse range of tailored purchase solutions and delivery and collection services. Kespro never compromises on quality, and bases all operations on genuine customer insight. Kespro’s goal is to make eating out more popular and sustainable and to offer positive experiences for diners.

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Reinin Liha

Established in 1972, Reinin Liha is a meat wholesaler that specialises in lamb and beef. It operates from Helsinki with its own store in the Hakaniemi Market Hall, but delivers first-class products to foodservice and grocery store customers around the country. The emphasis is on craftsmanship and first-class product and service quality. Reinin Liha is part of K Group’s foodservice wholesaler Kespro.

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Kalatukku E. Eriksson

Kalatukku E. Eriksson is a seafood wholesaler established in 1880 in Helsinki. An independent company that is part of K Group’s foodservice wholesaler Kespro, Kalatukku E. Eriksson specialises in high-quality seafood products with a high degree of processing. The company’s selections include nearly 1,000 seafood products. The company has modern operating facilities in Roihupelto, Helsinki and a store in the Old Market Hall in the city centre.

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