Operating environment

By identifying the trends, opportunities and risks in our operating environment that affect K Group’s operations, we strive to anticipate future challenges and opportunities.


Megatrends affecting trading sector 

The trading sector is affected by various global megatrends. 


  • Urbanisation
  • Global supply
  • Intensifying price competition


Digital trade and services

  • Automating operations utilising artificial intelligence 
  • Growth in international and Finnish online trade
  • Seamless multichannel customer experience
  • Customer services that utilise customer data and artificial intelligence 
  • Targeted marketing


Increasingly individual customer behaviour

  • Customers value convenience, quality and safety
  • Changes in purchase habits, individualisation
  • Customers looking to optimise their consumption choices 

Increased customer knowledge and power

  • Customers seek information as the basis for their choices
  • Customers want to impact selections
  • Peer experiences have a big impact on choices

Climate change and biodiversity

  • Sustainable lifestyles: the carbon footprint of food, living and mobility, and impact on biodiversity 
  • Carbon neutrality, reducing emissions, and renewable energy 
  • Sustainability policies guiding our sourcing 
  • Minimising food waste

Sustainability and concientious consumption

  • Responsible operating principles 
  • Open dialogue with stakeholders
  • Transparency of purchasing chains 
  • Strong brands 
  • Responsible investment  


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