Operating environment

The trading sector is impacted by various global megatrends as well as customer and consumer trends. By identifying the trends that affect K Group’s operations, we strive to anticipate future challenges and opportunities.


Megatrends affecting trading sector 

The trading sector is affected by various global megatrends. 

Globalisation: the importance of supply chain transparency and risk management

The globalisation trend continues, supply chain transparency important

Demand also growing for local products

Continued population change: urbanisation and population ageing

People continue to move to more urban areas

Urbanisation impacts traffic and mobility

Regional divides, structural changes

Transformation related to the utilisation of digital solutions, data, and new technologies

Growth in local and international eCommerce

Automation, robotics and improving operational efficiency

Data, analytics and AI

Growing importance of sustainability and climate change

Carbon neutrality, emissions reductions, renewable energy

Ensuring biodiversity

Increased sustainability regulation

Customer and consumer trends

Growing consumer trends

Growing demand for responsible and sustainable products

Growing importance of health and wellbeing

Blurring line between home and office: impact on eating, traffic, equipment, clothing choices etc

Growth of eCommerce continues

Seamless multichannel customer experience a requirement

Services that utilise customer data and AI, targeted marketing

Peer experiences clearly important

Individual customer behaviour

Rapid changes in purchasing habits, individualisation

Customers value convenience, quality and safety

Customers want to optimise their consumption choices

Growing customer knowledge and power  

Customers seek information themselves to base their choices on

Customers want to impact selections

Sustainable lifestyles: carbon footprint of food, living and mobility, impact on biodiversity

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