Well-being and occupational safety

The well-being and occupational safety of our personnel is guided by common principles in all our operating countries. Our bottom line is that K Group personnel must have a safe working environment, be able to do meaningful work and have opportunities to develop their competencies on an ongoing basis and that the quality of leadership in the group is high.

We promote our personnel’s health and safety, as well as their well-being and its management, by means of information and preventive work. We are aiming for zero accidents: an accident-free Kesko.

We aim to continuously improve the health and occupational safety of our personnel in a holistic way. We provide comprehensive occupational health services for all of Kesko’s employees, and as entrepreneurs, retailers arrange the corresponding occupational health services for their own employees. In occupational healthcare, the priority is on preventive measures and early identification of risks in terms of the employee’s health and work capacity.

We take care of our employees’ work ability throughout their careers, ensuring support in different situations.  With proactive management of personnel wellbeing and work capacity, we ensure our employees’ work capacity and functional capacity, manage sickness absences and prevent workplace injuries and retirement due to disability. Key means include solutions for people with partial working capacity to return to working life or to find and remain in employment.

The personnel survey is one of the key tools for improving practices and managerial work and one way of listening to the views of the personnel. In addition to the personnel survey, we use the Our People sustainability survey to measure the achievement of the sustainability strategy goals related to employee wellbeing. Kesko Group's most recent wellbeing index score based on the K Voices survey 2024 was 83 (on a scale of 0–100). 

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