K Group's recruitment process

K Group is one of Finland's leading companies in the trade sector and we offer versatile job opportunities in various positions. K Group’s working community is developing and international, because even though we are a Finnish company, we have operations in seven countries in Northern Europe. With us, you can get to work in a place where you can do meaningful work and satisfied customers.

Description of K Group's general recruitment process

1. Application: Job seekers can submit their applications for open positions at K Group either electronically on the K Group website or in person at K Group stores. In the application, applicants can provide information about their background, experience, motivation, and any previous employment.

2. Preselection: Based on the received applications, the recruitment team carries out a preselection process to assess the suitability and qualifications of the applicants for the specific job position. The preselection may consider factors such as education, previous work experience, and specific skills.

3. Interview: Selected applicants are invited for an interview, where they have the opportunity to present their skills, personality, and motivation in more detail. The interview may involve, for example, a supervisor and a personnel officer. Questions may relate to work experience, teamwork, customer service, and similar topics.

4. Possible tests and assessments: In some cases, job applicants may be required to undergo various tests or assessments, such as language tests or personality tests, to evaluate their suitability for the position.

5. Background checks: Before making the final selection decision, K Group may conduct background checks on the selected applicants, such as verifying previous employment and potential recommendations.

6. Decision and employment contract: The recruitment decision is made based on the interviews, tests, assessments, and background checks. The selected applicant is offered an employment contract, which defines the terms of employment, salary, and other details.

It is important to note that this description provides an overview of the general recruitment process at K Group, and the process may vary slightly for specific positions or departments.

Examples of recruitment processes for different target groups

K Group's recruitment process may vary slightly depending on the target group for the job positions. Here are descriptions of three different target groups that K Group may consider in its recruitment process:

1. Students and recent graduates:

K Group offers many job opportunities for students and recent graduates who may have less work experience. The recruitment process may include the following steps:

- Application: Students and recent graduates can submit their applications for open positions, highlighting their studies, internship experiences, and skills.

- Personal interview: Selected applicants are invited to a personal interview, where they can emphasize the skills they have acquired during their studies and their suitability for the job position.

- Work readiness: K Group may pay special attention to the work readiness of students and recent graduates, such as their ability to learn quickly, flexibility, and willingness to develop in their work.

2. Professionals:

K Group also offers many job positions for professionals who have gained experience and specialization in specific fields. The recruitment process for professionals may include the following steps:

- Application: Professionals can submit their applications for open positions, emphasizing their previous work experience, specific expertise, and possible certifications.

- Job-related tests and tasks: K Group may request professionals to perform tasks or tests that assess their technical skills and suitability for the job positions.

- Expert interviews: Selected applicants may participate in expert interviews, where their expertise, experience, and ability to work in specialized roles are further examined.

3. Leadership positions:

K Group also recruits for leadership positions, where leadership skills, strategic vision, and experience in responsible roles are emphasized. The recruitment process for leadership positions may include the following steps:

- Application: Applicants for leadership positions submit comprehensive applications, highlighting their previous leadership experience, strategic thinking, and achievements.

- Multi-stage interviews: Selected applicants for leadership positions may participate in multiple interviews with leaders at different levels and stakeholders. These interviews assess the applicants' ability to lead, communicate, and make decisions.

- Assessment discussions: Applicants selected for leadership positions may participate in assessment discussions, where their competencies and suitability for the position are evaluated by teams, collaborators, and possibly external consultants.

It is important to note that these descriptions are general, and K Group may adapt its recruitment process to different target groups on a case-by-case basis.

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