Sponsorship and donations

K Group's sponsorship principles are based on the Group's values. Sponsorship recipients are selected to support the execution of the Group's strategy.


K Group focuses on sponsoring nationwide projects in Finland that are connected to the everyday lives of children and young people, promote the quality of living and sustainability, and bring joy to as many people as possible. The projects we sponsor share our values and fit our promise: "customer and quality – in everything we do".

Local K-stores are also important partners for many operators engaged in organising leisure and charitable activities. The stores can support local leisure activities and thereby contribute to welfare in their area.

Sponsorship partners



Kesko Corporation may award donations to non-profit organisations out of funds granted by the company's General Meeting. The company's Board of Directors decides on the donation recipients.

We currently support for example schoolchildren’s Me & MyCity learning concept and Christmas charity collections.

Me & MyCity

Me & MyCity is a learning concept covering society, economy, working life and entrepreneurship aimed at comprehensive school sixth- and ninth-graders. Me & MyCity is a Global Best Awards winner operating in eight different regions in Finland and it reaches annually over 45,000 schoolchildren.

Good Christmas Spirit

Kesko participates in the Good Christmas Spirit collection organised annually by the Mannerheim League for Child Welfare and the Finnish Red Cross to help poor families with children in difficult circumstances in Finland. K-food store vouchers distributed to such families before Christmas add to their Christmas spirit. Further information about the Good Christmas Spirit collection.

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