Insider management

Kesko’s insider guidelines

Kesko complies with Nasdaq Helsinki Ltd’s guidelines for insiders in force at any given time. In addition, Kesko Corporation’s Board of Directors has confirmed specific insider guidelines for the Company to complement Nasdaq Helsinki Ltd’s guidelines for insiders.

Closed period

The closed period of 30 calendar days before the publication of interim reports, the half year report and the financial statements, provided by the Market Abuse Regulation (MAR), will be applied to management members defined by Kesko. During the closed period, the management members are prohibited from dealing in Kesko’s financial instruments. The Company has imposed a 30-day closed period preceding the quarterly financial performance disclosures also on persons involved in the preparation of Kesko’s interim reports, half year report and financial statements. Information on the closed periods is provided annually on Kesko’s website and as part of the calendar release.

Management transactions

At Kesko, Kesko Corporation’s Board of Directors, the President and CEO as well as the other Group Management Board members have been defined as management members. The transactions of Kesko’s management members and persons closely associated with them are disclosed in accordance with MAR. Published transaction notifications of management members and persons closely associated with them can be viewed here.

Control and training

Kesko’s Legal Affairs controls compliance with insider guidelines and maintains the Company’s insider lists and a list of managers and persons closely associated with them. The duties of Kesko’s Legal Affairs in the area of insider management include:  

  • Internal information on insider matters
  • Training in insider matters
  • Drawing up and maintaining insider lists and submitting them on request to the Financial Supervisory Authority
  • Taking all reasonable steps to ensure that any person on the insider list acknowledges in writing the legal and regulatory duties entailed according to Article 18(2) of the Market Abuse Regulation
  • Maintaining a list of the managers and persons closely associated with them obligated to notify their transactions
  • Notifying management members of their obligations under Article 19(5) of the Market Abuse Regulation
  • Controlling insider matters
  • Keeping abreast of any changes in the regulation of insider matters.
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