Green finance

Kesko, has established a Green Finance Framework applicable for the issuance of green debt instruments to further integrate its ambitious sustainability targets into its financing.

The purpose of the Green Finance Framework is to support the issuance of green bonds and loans to allocate capital to investments that promote Kesko’s environmental targets in minimising impact on climate and nature. The Green Finance Framework is a natural step in the work to promote these targets through green projects, such as investing in green and energy-efficient buildings, wind and solar power, as well as clean transportation.  

Kesko has established a Green Finance Committee to evaluate and select eligible Green Projects and allocate net proceeds to such assets. Kesko will provide annual reporting (Green Finance Report) on the allocation of proceeds and the environmental impact of the Green Projects.

Kesko’s Green Finance Framework has received a second-party opinion from Sustainalytics to this Framework, verifying its credibility, impact and alignment with the ICMA and LMA/APLMA/LSTA Principles. Danske Bank acted as advisor on the establishment of the framework.


Read more about Kesko's Green Finance Framework below. 

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