Company management

President and CEO

Kesko has a managing director who is the President and CEO. Kesko's President and CEO is Mikko Helander, Master of Science in Technology. He became Kesko's President and CEO on 1 January 2015.

The President and CEO's duty is to manage Kesko Group's operations in accordance with the instructions and orders issued by the Company's Board of Directors and to report to the Board about the developments in the Company's business operations and financial situation. He is also responsible for the Company's day-to-day administration and that the financial management has been organised in a reliable manner. The President and CEO also chairs the Group Management Board and the subsidiary Boards essential with regard to business operations.

The President and CEO is elected by the Board of Directors. The Board has decided the terms and conditions of the President and CEO's service contract. A written managing director's service contract, approved by the Board, has been made between the Company and the President and CEO.

Group Management board

Kesko Group has a Group Management Board, the Chair of which is Kesko's President and CEO.

Group Management Board members and areas of responsibility areas at 1. Jan 2017

  Since Responsibility area
Mikko Helander, Ch.* 1 Oct. 2014  Kesko's President and CEO
Jorma Rauhala, President President of the building and technical trade division, deputy to Kesko’s President and CEO** 5 Feb. 2013 Building and technical trade
Ari Akseli, President of the grocery trade division*** 15 Nov.  2017 Grocery trade
Johan Friman, President of VV-Auto Group Oy 1 Jan. 2017 Car trade
Jukka Erlund, Senior Vice President, CFO 1 Nov. 2011 Finance and Accounting
Matti Mettälä, Senior Vice President  1 Oct. 2012  Human Resources
Anne Leppälä-Nilsson, Senior Vice President, Group General Counsel 1 Jan. 2015 Legal Affairs
Lauri Peltola, Senior Vice President 2 Mar. 2015 Corporate responsibility, Communications and Stakeholder Relations
 Anni Ronkainen, Senior Vice President 20 April 2015  Chief Digital Officer 

* Helander became Kesko's Executive Vice President and Group Management Board member on 1 October 2014. As from 1 January 2015, he is Kesko's President and CEO and Chairman of the Group Management Board.

** Rauhala became President of Kesko’s building and technical trade division and deputy to Kesko’s President and CEO on 15 November 2017. Previously, Rauhala acted as President of Kesko’s grocery trade division. Rauhala’s predecessor Terho Kalliokoski left Kesko on 15 November 2017.

*** Akseli became President of Kesko’s grocery trade division on 15 November 2017. His predecessor Jorma Rauhala became President of Kesko’s building and technical trade division and deputy to Kesko’s President and CEO on 15 November 2017.

The Group Management Board does not have any powers under law or the Articles of Association. The Group Management Board's duty is to discuss Group-wide development projects and Group-level policies and procedures. In addition, the Group Management Board discusses the Group's and the division parent companies' business plans, profit performance and matters dealt with by Kesko's Board of Directors, in whose preparation it also participates. The Group Management Board meets 18–20 times a year.

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