Grocery trade

K Group is the 2nd biggest grocery trade operator in Finland. Around 900 independent K-food retailers are in charge of daily customer experiences. There are some 1,200 K-food stores in Finland, with 1.2 million daily customer visits. Over 600 K Group grocery stores offer online services.

Our grocery store chains are K-Citymarket, K-Supermarket, K-Market and Neste K. In addition over 600 K Group grocery stores offer online services. Our K-Ruoka online grocery service was ranked the best in Finland in 2022. Kespro is the leading foodservice wholesale provider in Finland.

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Grocery trade chains


K-Citymarket is a modern, Finnish hypermarket that offers its customers extensive selections of food and home and speciality goods. K-Citymarket is known for its inspiring selections and services, excellent food expertise and easy shopping experience. Every K-Citymarket is run by a retailer entrepreneur. At the moment there are 81 K-Citymarkets in Finland. K-Citymarket – The store worth your time.


K-Supermarkets are better than standard food stores which always provide their customers with the season’s best raw materials and ideas for cooking both every day and on special occasions. K-Supermarket retailers build the selections of their stores together with their personnel according to the customer base, offering plenty of local products and specialities. Through versatile selections, acting responsibly and offering the best service we inspire our customers to succeed in cooking and to try out new foods. The K-Supermarket chain includes around 250 stores. 


K-Markets are distinctive, service-oriented, local neighbourhood stores – the village stores for the modern age. K-Markets offer their customers diverse selections of food and local services to conveniently suit their everyday lives. With around 750 stores, the K-Market chain has the most extensive network of neighbourhood stores in Finland.


Kespro is the leading Foodservice (previously HoReCa) provider and wholesale  company in Finland. Kespro acts as a partner to its customer companies and municipalities in Finland and offers its customers a diverse range of food procurement solutions, as well as delivery and collection services. The selection includes fresh foods, processed foods, home and speciality goods, wine and alcohol. Kespro has 14 cash-and-carry outlets across Finland and an online wholesale store.

Neste K

The K Group and Neste’s Neste K service stations serve customers according to the ‘Tactics for Better Stops’ service slogan. Our goal is to offer customers an incomparable service station experience and the best food for those on the move on the highways. The network comprises around 70 service stations.


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