Data protection at Kesko

We respect your right to privacy. Data protection at Kesko covers all rights that protect your privacy in personal data processing.

We follow proper personal data processing practices and legislation in all our operations everywhere. You can rely on us to process your data securely and with care. Customers and quality are at the core of everything we do.

Why do we collect data?

We collect data in order to be able to provide personalised services to you in all K-stores. With the help of correct and sufficient data, we can offer you benefits and rewards that are relevant to your interests, and selections and services that meet your specific needs.

We also utilise customer data in managing our business operations and in the development of our products and services. We use the data to manage Kesko’s and K-retailers’ customer relationships, for marketing purposes and to develop our online services and customer experiences.

Where do we collect data?

We primarily use data provided by our customers themselves, for example, names, addresses, email addresses and other such basic information. We also utilise data obtained through our services, such as information on online behaviour. The data protection notice specifies the data sources for each register if information is obtained from other sources than the customer directly.

How can I check my data?

You always have the right to check what kind of personal information we process about you. Kesko's data protection portal is an easy way to approach us in data protection matters and exercise your data protection rights. A request for information may also be made by addressing a signed letter to the contact person mentioned in the privacy statement. For an individual trade, you can submit a written request for information to the trade using the form provided for this purpose.

Plussa customers and data protection

Customers in Finland can examine and update their information by logging into the Oma Plussa service at or by calling the K-Plussa customer service. On your own personal Oma Plussa page, you can e.g. update your telephone number or email address and manage your electronic marketing permissions. You can also use Oma Plussa to track your purchases, Plussa points, Plussa money and personal benefits, or report a lost Plussa card and order a secondary card or a replacement for a faulty card.

Customer service:

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