Diverse career options

We appreciate the competence of every K Group employee and want to do everything we can to ensure that you have a pleasant workplace and can build your career in line with your goals. As the largest retailer in Finland and the third-largest in the Nordic countries, we can offer you various opportunities for developing your abilities further.

Every K-store is different, and we are all different, too. We are continuously seeking new highly competent people for a wide variety of jobs in different areas of expertise, inclucing customer service, B2B sales, analytics, application development, information technology, product development, marketing and communications.

Digitalisation is revolutionising trade, and new trends emerge all the time. This gives rise to new ways of serving customers and meeting customer needs. Working for K Group, you get to take part in development of solutions that facilitate everyday life. Your work is supported by data from 1.5 million daily customer contacts.

We collaborate with the retailers to create solutions and establish stores that will become part of the daily life of thousands of people.

At K Group, we build the future of trade in an environmentally sustainable way and help our customers make good and sustainable choices.

Come and join us on a journey to build the future of trade and Finland's most modern workplace.

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