What we expect of our employees

We share an interest in the trading sector, an entrepreneurial mentality, a positive attitude for getting things done, and good team spirit. You have the opportunity to impact how things are done. Everyone has their responsibilities, but we also always offer a helping hand. Common principles ensure that work gets done.

K Group is a constantly evolving versatile trading sector employer. We share an interest in the trading sector and a spirit of getting things done and taking responsibility, while impacting the way things are done. We feel at home in a retailer-oriented working environment and want to take part in transfroming the trading sector.

The best way to learn work in a store is by doing. Our shared objective is to exceed our customers' expectations, and we work for it briskly but not without a sense of humour. Everyone has their responsibilities, but we always offer a helping hand.

Everyone's path is different in K Group, and we have plenty of options. If you wish, you can specialise as a K-Food Specialist, study languages, or take the Master Sales Assistant training, for example. Many people stay with us for a long time because they get to develop a store or the trading sector with a nice group of people and get feedback for a job well done.

Common rules shape workplace culture

Our People Principles define how we do things. All of our operations rely on four principles:

We operate directly, openly and honestly
We promote open communication and we are honest with each other.

We show the path 
In our opinion, it is important to make sure that everyone in our organisation knows what needs to be achieved and on what kind of plan. We set clear objectives and measure results. We are also agile in responding to changing conditions and change the our operating practice if necessary. We also share responsibilities and encourage cooperation in decision-making.

We are all in
We take responsibility for our own work and are proactive. We question operating practices and do not hesitate to suggest new ways of doing things and we also share our know-how.

We create trust
We encourage each other by giving both positive and constructive feedback. We speak respectfully to our colleagues and enjoy cooperation.


K Code of Conduct

The purpose of the K Code of Conduct is to support and guide the choices and decisions made within K Group. With the code, we ensure that all employees within K Group, K-retailers, and K Group’s business partners have a common understanding of the guiding rules and principles we follow.

The K Code of Conduct, common to the whole K Group, serves as a guide for sustainable business practices and as a reference for the corporate culture of doing the right thing for Kesko, K-retailers, and their personnel.

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