Kesko scholarship

University of applied sciences student: by completing the on-the-job training included in your UAS studies with high marks in a K-store or in Kesko, you can apply for a Kesko scholarship worth €500.

The scholarship programme is part of a long-term cooperation we have with universities of applied sciences. The Kesko scholarship programme applies to all UAS students. The program is valid until further notice.

We hope successful on-the-job training periods will increase interest in the trading sector and knowledge about the jobs available as well as encourage students to seek employment with us in the future. Young, active trainees studying the profession may also offer fresh thoughts and new ideas to the employer.

Who is eligible for a scholarship?

A Kesko scholarship can be applied for by a university of applied sciences student who completes the on-the-job training included in their studies with at least good marks in a K-store or in a Kesko office. You can enquire about possibilities for training directly at the store or Kesko unit you like.

It pays off to be active and make a phone call to or visit in person the store where you would like to do your training. The final decision on the possibility of on-the-job training rests with the store's or office's superior.

More information on the Kesko scholarship from the Group's HR, Ilona Castrén, tel. +358 50 585 7006, ilona.castren(at)

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