Summer job at K Group

K Group hires approximately 6,000 summer employees every year.

During a summer job with us, you will get a sound introduction to your job and learn important skills for working life. You will learn from more experienced colleagues about the versatile daily life and duties of the trading sector. You may also get a first-hand look at customer service and opportunities to save a customer's day with outstanding service.

Most of K Group's summer jobs for young people and students are available at K-food stores. Summer is also the high season for building and home improvement stores, which hire seasonal workers to their yard and garden departments. In addition, we also employ students from various disciplines for summer jobs within our background operations.

A summer job at K Group is a good springboard to working life. You can gather experience that any employer will appreciate!

To apply for a summer job

About new skills and experiences, nice colleagues and a real salary of your own? Kesko has many successful chain and product brands, so there are also many ways to enter Kesko as an employee.

Our K-retailers are independent entrepreneurs, and they recruit their personnel themselves. Therefore, you can ask directly at your local K-store for summer job opportunities. You can browse open summer job vacancies here while you're searching for a summer job.

Get started early
It is worth starting a summer job hunt at the beginning of the year. Most of our summer jobs are published in February.

Be active
Be bold and walk up to the retailer – a genuine interest always creates good vibes.

Personal touch
Invest in your job application. Let it show your personality and tell the reader why you want just the job in question. A good job application is personal and to-the-point and it shows that you know the facts about the job you are applying for.

Also check out our general job search instructions and tips. (link below)

Open summer jobs

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Mekaanikkoja, K-Auto Espoo
Espoo, Suomi
Application due: 12/23/2023
Oppisopimusmekaanikko, K-Auto Espoo
Espoo, Suomi
Application due: 12/17/2023
Myyjä (34 h/vko) K-Citymarket Turku Länsikeskus
K-Citymarket Länsikeskus, Markulantie, Turku, Suomi
Application due: 12/10/2023
Varaosamyyjä, K-Auto Espoo
Haltilanniitty 6, Espoo, Suomi
Application due: 12/10/2023
Mekaanikkoja, K-Auto Audi Airport Vantaa
Application due: 12/15/2023
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