amfori BSCI

Kesko is a member of amfori, an association dedicated to promoting sustainable trade. Kesko is committed to promoting compliance with the amfori BSCI Code of Conduct in its supply chain.

We pay special attention to human rights issues and working conditions in its supply chain in countries with the greatest risk of human rights violations. In
the risk assessment of supply countries, we utilise the amfori Country Risk Classification based on Worldwide Governance indicators published by the World Bank.

We utilise global social responsibility audit and certification systems, primarily amfori BSCI audits, in the assessment of suppliers in high-risk countries. We also accept other assessment systems of social responsibility if their criteria correspond to those of amfori BSCI auditing and if the audit is conducted by an independent party. As part of the sourcing cooperation between Kesko’s grocery trade and ICA Global Sourcing, Kesko also accepts the ICA Social Audit. In this case, however, suppliers are required to adopt a third-party audit approved by Kesko after a maximum of two ICA Social Audits. 

Social responsibility audits and certificates assess, e.g., the safety of working conditions at factories, workers' remuneration and working hours as well as  rights of freedom of association and bargaining. Child and bonded labour is strictly forbidden. 

Our principle in high-risk countries is to collaborate only with suppliers that are already included in the scope of social responsibility audits or that start the process when the cooperation begins. Kesko’s grocery trade and building and technical trade require all of their suppliers in high-risk countries to have an approved audit when the cooperation begins.

At the beginning of 2022, Kesko’s suppliers in high-risk countries had a total of 520 valid social responsibility audits. Some of Kesko’s suppliers are also members of amfori and thus promote amfori BSCI audits in their own supply chains. 

According to Kesko Group guidelines, an amfori BSCI Code of Conduct contract clause must be added to supplier agreements.




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