Benefits and rewards

Kesko Group provides its employees in all its countries of operation with employee benefits. In Finland, benefits provided to both permanent as well as fixed-term and part-time employees include occupational health services, insurance against occupational injuries and diseases, parental leave and retirement benefits.

Pay is based on current applicable laws and/or agreements in accordance with country-specific practices. In addition to these, pay is determined on the basis of how demanding the job is and on competence, performance and/or results in line with the local practice.

The objective of remuneration is to encourage employees to exceed the objectives given and to motivate them to do long-term work in order to meet the goals of Kesko Group and its subsidiaries. Remuneration is fair and is based on principles that are commonly known.

Leisure activities
Kesko supports leisure activities in Finnish companies through the Kesko Staff Club. The purpose of the Club is to create a good team spirit and promote sport, cultural and recreational activities.

Special days
Group companies in Finland honour their employees on various special days. If, for instance, an employee's 50th or 60th birthday falls on a workday, it will be a paid day off.

Support in various situations in life
Some of the companies operating in Estonia and Latvia also give financial support to their employees through various life stages, such as when a child is born, during the child's first year at school, and in the event of the death of a close relative.

Shopping benefits
Employees are also provided with a diverse range of shopping benefits that apply in K-Group stores and staff shops. A company phone and car are also provided if required for the job.

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