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December 2017

Mating Belongs to All campaign produces results: kilometres of spawning ground opened up for endangered migratory fish

In August 2017, K Group and WWF initiated a multi-year collaboration to save endangered migratory fish in Finland. Already, the campaign has produced tangible positive results. During the autumn, nine barriers blocking fish passage were removed from rivers and streams around Finland, and 40 new spawning beds were created. The collaboration will continue and expand in 2018.

11.12.2017 12:41

Pirkka products return to Russia

K Group and the Russian retail chain Lenta have signed an agreement for Lenta to begin selling K Group’s private label products to consumers in Russia.

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11.12.2017 09:37

Plan and K Group bring ‘Girls Can’ donation cards to K-Citymarkets to support girls’ rights

Plan International Finland and K Group are bringing ‘Girls Can’ donation cards to K-Citymarkets. Proceeds from the cards go towards supporting equality for girls in developing countries. The cards can be purchased at all K-Citymarkets from 11 December 2017 onwards.


07.12.2017 15:22

K Group supports Christmas fundraising campaign for families in need

K Group (Kesko and K-stores) will once again take part in the Hyvä Joulumieli Christmas fundraising campaign, which will give thousands of families with children a Christmas they otherwise could not afford.

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05.12.2017 10:28

Kesko President and CEO Mikko Helander granted the honorary title of vuorineuvos

The President of the Republic of Finland has granted the honorary title of vuorineuvos to Mikko Helander, President and CEO of Kesko Corporation.

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01.12.2017 12:59

November 2017

Finnish Benella rainbow trout added to the Pirkka Parhaat range

This autumn’s addition to the Pirkka Parhaat range is a new fish product that is good for the heart and the environment: the Benella rainbow trout. The fish are farmed in Finland, first using a plant-based feed. At the final growth stage, the fish are given a feed containing fish oil and fishmeal made from Baltic herring and sprat from the Baltic Sea. The recycling of natural nutrients reduces the phosphorus load on the water system, thus helping to improve the condition of the Baltic Sea.

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23.11.2017 09:52

K Group, Gasum and the Turenki ice cream plant promote circular economy and reduce waste together

Inedible organic waste from 200 K-food stores and the Kesko logistics central warehouse is currently recycled to produce biogas. Now biogas will be used to power the making of Pirkka ice cream at the Turenki ice cream plant.

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20.11.2017 08:09

Hehku is Kesko and Oriola’s new store chain specialising in wellbeing

Hehku, a new nationwide store chain specialising in products and services that promote health, beauty and wellness, will begin operations in Finland at the end of January 2018. The chain, jointly owned by Kesko and Oriola, will open 30 stores across the country next year. According to a survey commissioned by Kesko and Oriola*, Finns want to improve their personal wellbeing, and the new chain will offer an extensive selection of solutions to meet the demand.


15.11.2017 13:00

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