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October 2019

K Group pilots a new way to utilise solar power: solar panels at K-Supermarket Hertta installed on the building facade

Wall-mounted solar panels on building facades have not been utilised very much so far, but they could enable increasing solar power production in Finland. K-Supermarket Hertta in Helsinki has solar panels installed on its building facade this October.

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15.10.2019 13:04

Kesko’s sales grew in September

The sales of Kesko Group’s continuing operations in September 2019 totalled €938.3 million, representing an increase of 7.0% in comparable terms. The reported sales from continuing operations increased by 10.1%.

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14.10.2019 09:00

Eating out has become a natural everyday thing for Finns

Finns today go to a restaurant not only to indulge or celebrate special occasions, but to spice up everyday life, and more than 50% eat out spontaneously. Most Finns visiting restaurants have a practical approach to eating and focus on filling their stomach. Nearly one-fifth are quality-focused hedonists: this group spends the most time and money on restaurants, and includes especially women and people living in bigger cities. The information comes from a study on Finnish restaurant customers conducted by K Group’s foodservice wholesaler Kespro.

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10.10.2019 15:18

IONITY and K Group to open the third high-power electric car charging station in Finland in Hämeenlinna

The third high-power charging (HPC) station in Finland will be located at K-Citymarket Tiiriö in Hämeenlinna in November. IONITY and K Group will offer electric car drivers travelling on Highway 3 high-power charging points that are up to seven times as efficient as current fast chargers. Construction in Hämeenlinna began today.

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07.10.2019 11:07

Kesko finances growth with a €300 million loan in which the interest is linked to sustainability targets

Kesko has made a financing agreement of €300 million, in which the interest margin will increase or decrease depending on Kesko’s ability to meet the sustainability targets set for its carbon footprint, food waste, and audits conducted in high-risk countries. Kesko will draw down €300 million now, and has the possibility to draw down more later on.

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07.10.2019 08:00

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