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August 2018

Circular economy in action at K Group: over 20 tons of old work clothes to be turned into recycling material

In line with the principles of circular economy, some 20 tons of old work clothes of K-Citymarket and K-Supermarket employees will be given a new life, as they are collected and turned into recycling fibre which can be utilised, for example, by the car industry.


20.08.2018 16:43

K-Rauta’s service now offers free advice also on yard and garden

Are you wondering how you should tend to your yard or how to lay a lawn? Which plants would suit your garden and what should you take into consideration when building a patio? K-Rauta’s free Remonttineuvonta building and renovation advice service now also provides answers to these and other yard and gardening related questions.

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15.08.2018 12:38

A Cool Night at the Store – A K-Supermarket Sleepover Makes Headlines around the World

When heat-weary customers of K-Supermarket Pohjois-Haaga in Helsinki jokingly suggested they would love to spend a night in the coolness of the store, retailer Marika Lindfors took action.

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07.08.2018 09:55

July 2018

The “granny bus” offers the elderly a ride to the grocery store in Lapland

When the nearest grocery store is 20-40 kilometres away and you don’t have a car, what to do? To the rescue retailer brothers Juhani and Reino Rinne, who for the past 45 years have been offering their elderly customers in rural Lapland lifts to the store in what is jokingly referred to as the “granny bus”.

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30.07.2018 07:56

We examined what Finns really eat: everyday meals revolve around nine dishes

According to K Group’s survey, 64% of Finns say they are very interested in food and nutrition, yet for most people, everyday cooking revolves around the same 9 dishes. Current favourites among Finns are oven-baked salmon, beef and pasta casserole, and meatballs.

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30.07.2018 07:30

Badly needed migration routes and spawning grounds created for endangered migratory fish

This year, K Group and WWF Finland will be arranging various volunteering events from June until autumn in an effort to restore and create new migration routes and spawning grounds in rivers and streams for the critically endangered trout and other migratory fish in Finland. The first event of the year was held at the Vihtijoki river in Southern Finland on 8 June. The events are part of the multi-year K Fishpaths collaboration between K Group and WWF Finland that aims to save Finnish migratory fish under the slogan “Mating Belongs to all”.

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27.07.2018 14:35

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