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June 2024

K Group to provide information on origin and route of popular canned goods to K-stores

By far the most popular canned fruit at K-stores is canned pineapple, an affordable product that is suitable for many dishes. A QR code will be added to Pirkka and K-Menu pineapple cans so that K-store customers will be able to learn about the origin and route of the product already at the store.

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06.06.2024 08:34

May 2024

Kesko to electrify its grocery trade logistics through an investment of nearly €10 million

Kesko plans to gradually increase the number of electric vehicles used for transport and deliveries in its grocery trade business to some 200 EVs by 2030. EV charging points for heavy vehicles will be built in all Kesko’s grocery trade logistics centres within the next few years. Kesko expects EV transports to reduce emissions significantly while improving efficiency. The total investment will amount to nearly €10 million.

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23.05.2024 16:44

The new selection of Pirkka Fairtrade flowers for special occasions was created in response to customer wishes

The range of Pirkka Fairtrade flowers is being expanded with a selection of flowers for special occasions that can be pre-ordered. Large quantities of single-coloured flowers that have been requested by customers for decorating summer parties can now be pre-ordered this summer. All flowers in the selection are Pirkka Fairtrade flowers. In 2023, almost EUR 320,000 was paid in Fairtrade premiums to the farmers of the Fairtrade flowers sold at K-food stores for community-building purposes.

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22.05.2024 08:49

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