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February 2018

K Group removed the environmentally harmful microbeads from the Pirkka cosmetic products

Cosmetic products often use small microbeads that are able to pass through wastewater treatment facilities to water bodies. Microplastics are a risk to water bodies and elsewhere in the environment due to their longevity. In 2017, K Group fulfilled its commitment and eliminated microbeads from the Pirkka cosmetic products. This action was one of the actions taken by the K Group to reduce plastic waste.

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06.02.2018 14:57

Five innovative methods used by K Group to reduce plastic waste

Plastic causes problems when it ends up in water bodies and elsewhere in the environment. K Group is actively developing completely new types of operational models in order to reduce plastic waste. Read on for five innovative methods that K Group used to reduce plastic waste in 2017.

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06.02.2018 14:51

The popularity of vegan products is growing in Finland – Pirkka range to have 16 new plant-based products

There has been an increase of vegan products in Finnish shopping baskets in 2017. The number of plant-based Pirkka products grew with 16 new products last year, and now there are already over a hundred products.

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02.02.2018 11:03

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