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February 2020

Putting companies’ waste plastic to practical use: K Group, Lassila & Tikanoja and Orthex come up with innovative way to turn cut flower buckets into flower pots

K Group, Lassila & Tikanoja and Orthex join forces in a circular economy experiment to give waste buckets a new life as flower pots. With this experiment the companies wish to encourage Finnish operators to objectively identify their waste material flows and to come up with new ways of using the materials.

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13.02.2020 09:16

January 2020

Finland world class in corporate responsibility – Kesko ranked as the most sustainable grocery trade company in the world for the sixth time

Kesko and five other Finnish companies have been included on the Global 100 list of the most sustainable companies in the world, announced today at the World Economic Forum in Davos.

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21.01.2020 13:30

December 2019

Organic food growing in popularity: singles and young couples increasingly interested in organic options

Organic food is becoming increasingly popular, and nationwide selections of organic products now cover a growing number of everyday food staples. With K Group customers, the popularity of organic food is growing especially among single person households and young couples. In regional terms, growth is fastest in Lapland, Kymenlaakso, Pirkanmaa and Northern Karelia.

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23.12.2019 11:34

K Group’s fish selections now even more sustainable: MSC-certified fish counters introduced at five K-Supermarkets

Five K-Supermarket stores have been granted the MSC and ASC traceability certificates promoting sustainable fishing and aquaculture. The stores may sell MSC and ASC labelled fish and shellfish products at their fish counters. K Group offers the biggest selection of MSC certified fish and shellfish products in Finland, and the certified fish counters will further strengthen its sustainable fish selections. We will systematically continue certifications also at other K-food stores.

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23.12.2019 10:56

K Group’s new energy recycling system revolutionises energy economy for food stores

Real estate accounts for over 30% of emissions in Finland. K Group and Granlund have developed an energy recycling model for K-food stores that can reduce heat consumption by as much as 95%, turning a property almost carbon neutral in terms of energy. The reduction in emissions corresponds to the annual carbon dioxide emissions of a municipality of nearly 7,000 people. Motiva awarded the system today with a ‘Vuoden Energianerokas 2019’ recognition.

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13.12.2019 13:31

Changes in K Group’s packaging cut plastic consumption by over 100 tonnes per year

During 2019, K Group has been making changes to the packaging of its own brand products, significantly reducing the amount of plastic. The change in the packaging of Pirkka mini plum tomatoes alone will save 45 tonnes of plastic per year, equal to 2.1 million plastic bags. The changes to packaging are one of the ways in which K Group is implementing its plastics policy to reduce the single use of plastics and promote circular economy.

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13.12.2019 13:18

K Group’s K-Ostokset service now reveals the carbon footprint of your food shopping

K Group has introduced a new calculator that shows customers the carbon footprint of their food purchases. The calculator is a practical tool for customers to understand the environmental impact of their food purchases and make more environmentally friendly choices in K Group’s grocery stores. The carbon footprint calculator has been developed in collaboration with the Natural Resources Institute Finland (Luke) and is included in the K-Ostokset service, which also helps customers favour local Finnish products and track how much Finnish products they are currently buying.

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12.12.2019 13:14

November 2019

The most efficient solar power plant in Rauma now found on the roof of K-Citymarket

Solar power production in the Rauma region grows significantly when the over half a megawatt solar power plant on the roof of K-Citymarket Rauma starts operating in December. The highly efficient solar power plant is the first one established by K Group in the Satakunta region in Western Finland. The new plant will increase the total output of K Group’s 34 solar power plants to some 12 megawatts. K Group is the biggest producer and user of solar power in Finland.

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28.11.2019 10:24

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