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July 2021

K-food stores to install electronic shelf labels – the discarded datastrips could add up to 500 km of plastic to be recycled

Electronic shelf labels will be introduced in all K-Citymarkets and K-Supermarkets this year. The electronic shelf labels will improve efficiency, minimise price errors and save paper. The datastrips that will no longer be needed will be recycled and turned into new plastic products.

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05.07.2021 12:51

June 2021

K Group strengthens its market-leading position in Finnish online grocery by investing tens of millions of euros in collection automation – builds the first partially-automated collection system

K Group is investing tens of millions of euros in upcoming years in automating the collection of online grocery orders. The objective is to improve customer experience further while ensuring more efficient processes and an even stronger market-leading position. The first partially-automated collection system in a grocery store in Finland will be located in the Helsinki metropolitan area, where online grocery sales volumes are now at a level that enables more extensive utilisation of automation.

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22.06.2021 08:45

K Group increases the use of Finnish wind power substantially – share of K Group’s electricity purchases to rise to 20%

K Group is increasing its purchases of Finnish wind power. K Group has signed an agreement to purchase annually some 50 GWh of electricity generated in a wind farm to be built in Northern Ostrobothnia, starting in 2023.

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04.06.2021 09:00

May 2021

Food waste in K-food stores down by a record 9% in 2020

The reduction in food waste generated in K-food stores last year was attributable to various factors: demand grew during the pandemic, while K Group also took active measures and K-retailers came up with innovative solutions to minimise food waste. There is also an increasing number of products that utilise waste food, while consumers are growing more and more interested in products close to their sell-by date and sold at reduced prices.

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11.05.2021 09:33

Riikka Joukio, Kesko’s new EVP of Corporate Responsibility and Public Affairs, solves climate issues at work

Riikka Joukio joined Kesko’s Group Management Board on 12 April as she began work as the Executive Vice President in charge of corporate responsibility and public affairs. Before joining Kesko, she worked at Metsä Group, most recently as Senior Vice President, Climate and Circular Economy.

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06.05.2021 10:50

April 2021

Finns favour domestic products at a level that is exceptional on a global scale

The tendency to favour domestic products is a global phenomenon in which Finland rises to the top, as Finns prefer domestic products more than average. At K Group, we work hard to ensure the good availability of Finnish products in both our grocery and building and home improvement stores, and the effort is reflected in our sales data. Growth in the sales of Finnish products, especially those with origin labelling, clearly exceeded market growth in Finland last year.

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29.04.2021 13:05

March 2021

Kesko’s 2020 Annual Report is out – the report is full of useful information especially for investors

Kesko had a record year in 2020, as its sales grew and profitability improved significantly. In terms of sustainability, Kesko’s key actions included setting stricter climate targets, launching the Tracing Our Products website to increase the transparency of supply chains, and introducing a new nutritional value feature to the K-Ostokset service.

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19.03.2021 09:20

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