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August 2022

Energy awareness on the rise – Finns intend to save energy with heat pumps, more energy-efficient lighting, and better faucets and insulation

Finnish consumers are interested in saving water and energy. According to a survey* by K-Rauta, consumers are joining the effort to save energy by favouring energy-efficient lighting, air source heat pumps, and showers and faucets that help save water.

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31.08.2022 10:20

Dawn of a new era: the first online grocery orders collected by in-store robots delivered to customers in Helsinki

Finland’s first automation-assisted in-store collection centre for online grocery orders is now up and running, and the K-Citymarket Ruoholahti hypermarket in Helsinki has delivered the first online grocery orders robots have helped to collect. This represents a new era in Finnish online grocery. Automation increases collection efficiency, which means, among other things, lower delivery prices for customers. However, customers can still choose from the store’s extensive selection of as many as 40,000 products.

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25.08.2022 00:00

July 2022

K-stores’ own beehives produce truly local honey

During the summer, K-stores’ shelves are full of various local products. One speciality in the selection of many K-stores is the store’s own honey, for which beehives are kept on the stores’ roofs and at the edges of nearby fields. Following the cool start to the summer, people are eagerly waiting to see what this year's yield is going to be.

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04.07.2022 11:30

June 2022

K Group makes healthy choices easier by introducing the Heart Symbol to Pirkka and Pirkka Parhaat products

K Group intends to add the Heart Symbol, granted by the Finnish Heart Association, to approximately 200 existing Pirkka and Pirkka Parhaat products. The Heart Symbol is granted to products that are a healthier choice in a specific product category. The action is related to K Group’s goal to make it as easy as possible for customers to make healthy food choices.

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13.06.2022 14:52

May 2022

K-Citymarket Lohja is holding a community work event for promoting biodiversity by replacing rugosa roses with endemic plants

Last year, K-Citymarket Lohja removed rugosa rose bushes from an area of thousands of square metres on the shop grounds. On Thursday 19 May, there will be a community work event to plant endemic plants in place of this invasive species. This is intended to advance biodiversity and encourage pollinators to find the area.

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25.05.2022 13:09

April 2022

K Group is committed to halving its food waste – and bringing to stores the first convenience food made from ingredients that would otherwise be lost or wasted

K Group’s goal is to halve its food waste by 2030. Achieving this ambitious goal requires continuous development, which includes ideas stemming from the circular economy concept, such as products made from otherwise wasted food. The Hyvis product line, which currently makes use of otherwise wasted food, is complemented with a new convenience food: the Hyvis tomato and cheese soup, which is made with tomatoes discarded at K Group’s central warehouse and Juustoportti’s surplus cheese.

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22.04.2022 08:27

March 2022

A separate shelf for discounted food found in more and more K-food stores – The Sales of red-flagged expiring products grew by 12% last year

K Group reached its target of decreasing food waste by 13% from the 2016 level by 2021. In addition to systematic selection management, K-stores’ innovative solutions, such as loss-preventing discount shelves and the increasing amount of products that make use of food that would otherwise be wasted, as well as the popularity of red-flagged discounted products, played important roles in reaching the target.

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29.03.2022 09:37

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