K Code of Conduct

The purpose of the K Code of Conduct is to support and guide the choices and decisions made within K Group. With the code, we ensure that all employees within K Group, K-retailers, and K Group’s business partners have a common understanding of the guiding rules and principles we follow.

The K Code of Conduct is published in all languages of our operating countries. The code is available as two versions: one for the employees of K Group, the other for business partners. 

The K Code of Conduct, common to the whole K Group, serves as a guide for sustainable business practices and as a reference for the corporate culture of doing the right thing for Kesko, K-retailers, and their personnel.

We also expect our business partners to operate sustainably. All our business partners must transparently demonstrate their commitment to responsible business practices. Accordingly, the K Code of Conduct for Business partners is not merely a guide for K Group’s business partners but also forms a binding component of any contract entered into with a company affiliated with K Group.

K Code of Conduct is available in all languages of our operating countries here.

SpeakUp reporting channel

SpeakUp is a confidential reporting channel of Kesko Group. The reporting channel is an important tool to uphold customers' and stakeholders' trust in Kesko’s business. Employees of Kesko Group, as well as suppliers, customers and other stakeholders can report suspected criminal offences or misconduct or actions against the K Code of Conduct.

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