Adding the Heart Symbol to packaging

K Group makes healthier food choices easier by adding the Heart Symbol to the packaging of at least 200 Pirkka, Pirkka Parhaat and K-Menu products.

Cardiovascular diseases are the most widespread diseases in Finland, and diet has an important role in the prevention of these diseases. This is why one of the goals of the health and nutrition project is to make heart-friendly choices easier when buying groceries.

The Heart Symbol, granted by the Finnish Heart Association, shows that the product is a better choice within its product group especially in terms of good quality fats and the amount of salt, sugar and fibre. The Heart Symbol system is based on researched nutrition information and recommendations.

Numeric goal 

The goal is to add the Heart Symbol to at least 200 Pirkka, Pirkka Parhaat and K-Menu products while renewing the packaging by the end of 2024. The Heart Symbols are also added to K-Ruoka recipes.

Progress made on reaching the goal

The selection of products from K Group’s own brands already include many products that meet the criteria for the Heart Symbol.

By the end of January 2024, the symbol has been added to 87 Pirkka and K-Menu products. The products can be found on the Heart Symbol website.

Multiple recipes that have been granted the Heart Symbol have been published in the K-ruoka service (in Finnish), and more recipes with the Heart Symbol for popular everyday dishes are going to be introduced in the future.

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