Updating the nutritional content of the Pirkka products

One of the goals of K Group’s programme is to reduce the intake of added salt, sugar and saturated fat in the Finnish diet.

As part of the health and nutrition programme, K Group has begun the process of reformulating the nutritional content of about 150 Pirkka and Pirkka Parhaat products. The products will be updated by the end of 2025 by reducing the amount of salt, sugar and saturated fat.

Updating the nutritional content of basic daily products is especially important. This way, customers’ intake of salt, sugar and saturated fat is reduced almost without even noticing it. K food store customers can compare their purchases to the national nutrition recommendation levels of salt and sugar in the K-Ostokset service in the K-Ruoka application, if they want.

There is one thing that is not compromised when updating the products: the taste must always be excellent.

Numeric goals

The goal of reformulating is to reduce the amount of sugar by 200 000 kilograms, salt by 50 000 kilograms and saturated fat by 50 000 kilograms in Pirkka and Pirkka Parhaat products sold yearly.

Progress made on reaching the goals

The nutritional content of several products has already been updated to be healthier. Compared to the initial levels of 2021, there are 109 319 kilograms less sugar (55% of the goal), 16 846 kilograms less salt (34% of the goal) and 37 269 kilograms less saturated fat (75% of the goal) by the end of 2023.

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