SpeakUp reporting channel

1. What is SpeakUp?

SpeakUp is a confidential reporting channel of K Group. The reporting channel is an important tool to uphold employees', customers' and stakeholders' trust in Kesko’s and K Group's business. Employees of K Group, as well as suppliers, customers and other stakeholders can report suspected criminal offences or misconduct concerning Kesko, K Group or Kesko Pension Fund or actions against the K Code of Conduct.

Employees and consultants should primarily report their suspicions to their manager or responsible person at K Group. When for some reason the information can not be delivered to the persons in charge at K Group, the SpeakUp channel should be used. All information is handled confidentially. It is also possible to leave anonymous reports.

The SpeakUp service is maintained by People InTouch, an independent company. In addition to K Group, the patented SpeakUp® reporting system is used by numerous well-known companies.

2. Which matters can be reported through K Group SpeakUp channel?

You can report any suspected criminal offence or misconduct. SpeakUp can also be used for suspected violations of securities markets regulations. Please note that the channel is not intended for reporting urgent matters, such as situations threating general security.

The SpeakUp channel is not intended for giving customer feedback, and no customer feedback will be processed. Customer feedback can be given through the customer feedback link.

Reporting criminal offences and misconduct in bad faith is forbidden and may have legal consequences.

3. Who will investigate the reports?

The personnel of People InTouch will process any messages submitted through the service and organise translations when needed. They are bound by strict confidentiality requirements. It is impossible for K Group to find out the IP addresses or other identification information related to the report.

The reports received through the SpeakUp channel are investigated by the VP of Kesko’s Compliance &Ethics function and Compliance & Ethics Officer. The investigation may require assistance from other experts or officials. Chief Audit Officer also has access rights to the system. Assistance from other specialists or officials may be needed to conduct the investigation.

4. How is the confidentiality of my information guaranteed?

All reports are investigated in full confidentiality. K Group guarantees that it will protect all persons who have made the reports in good faith and that they will face no retaliation for their reports.

Even though an investigation may require assistance from other experts, the identity of the of whistleblower will not be revealed unless necessary for the investigation. In some, especially HR related cases, an investigation of the report may be impossible without processing the whistleblower's personal information by other experts or officials.

K Group complies with all applicable legislation also with regard to the investigation of reports and the protection of whistleblowers. In accordance with the Directive (EU) 2019/1937 of the European Parliament and of the Council of 23 October 2019 on the protection of persons who report breaches of Union law, K Group is obliged to protect all persons reporting on breaches of EU law. In addition to applicable legislation, K Group provides protection to all individuals who report in good faith through the SpeakUp channel. Additional information on Kesko’s anti-harassment principles can be found here.

Reports can also be made anonymously. However, please note that further information may be needed for the investigation to be completed. If the report is anonymous and the whistleblower does not respond to questions sent via SpeakUp channel it may be impossible to finalise the investigation.

5. How to submit a message?

You can submit a message either by phone, mobile application (SpeakUp by People Intouch) or on the web service. Whichever system you choose, it is advised to write down your message beforehand so that the message will be as clear as possible. Please remember to include all information relevant for the investigation. You can submit your message in your local language of your choosing, and it will be translated when necessary.

To use the phone, dial the following phone number: 0800 392 912 (Finland)
To use the web service, go to: https://kesko.speakup.report/K-Group

To use mobile application download “SpeakUp by People Intouch” from Appstore/Google Play and either scan K Group QR code (below) or enter the Kesko code: 105442

SpeakUp 2024.png
You will receive a case number. It is very important that you write it down. This case number will enable you to come back later and read or listen to the response from K Group. If you leave your email address leaving the report you will receive a message when K Group responds your report.

If you use the phone, you can leave your message after the beep. Make sure to articulate your message as clearly as possible. When you are finished, hang up.

If you use the web service, you can type in or simply copy/paste your message. When you are finished, press the ‘send message’ button; a screen with the case number and your message will appear, and you can print it out. You can also attach any relevant documents to your message.

You can also send your reports per post to:
Kesko Corporation
Legal Affairs, Head of Compliance & Ethics
PO Box 1

You can also request a meeting with the Compliance & Ethics department to discuss your report by calling +358 105 311. A meeting will be organised as soon as possible and everything discussed in the meeting will be confidential.

6. When do I receive a response to my message?

Within a week, a confirmation from K Group will be ready for you. When the investigation is finalised, or at the latest within three months, K Group will post the result/status of the investigation. If you used the phone to leave your message, the response will be also be given on the phone service. If you used the web service, you will get the response in the web service.

Please log in on https://www.speakupfeedback.eu/web/heye3r/fi and use access code 17270 if you wish review report submitted before 1.3.2024.

7. External reporting channel

Should your report concern matter included in national whistleblower protection legislations or the directive you can also report using external reporting channel. In Finland you can report to Ministry of Justice external reporting channel when requirements set by the whistleblower protection legislation are fulfilled. Should your report Kesko Group’s foreign entities you can use local external reporting channels or EU offices.

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