Anti-discrimination and anti-harassment principles

Inappropriate behaviour and harassment at workplace

Kesko Group has zero tolerance for inappropriate behaviour and harassment. Zero tolerance means that no harassment and inappropriate behaviour of any kind is tolerated in our work community. It does not matter whether the harassment or inappropriate behaviour is between employees, between an employee and a supervisor or by a representative of our business partner.

Harassment includes for example repeated threats, intimidation, malicious and suggestive messages, derogatory and ridiculing language, isolation from the workplace and sexual harassment. In some cases, such as sexual harassment, even a single act can cause harm or danger to an employees’ health. Sexual harassment can include not only touching but also verbal abuse, messaging, posting pictures or other acts that could be interpreted as sexual. At Kesko, all sexual harassment is addressed, whether or not it is punishable as a criminal offence.

Zero tolerance is achieved when someone experiencing or witnessing harassment raises the issue without delay. In cases of harassment, Kesko has developed internal guidelines in form of “ an approach against harassment and inappropriate behaviour". The approach includes guidelines for employees and line managers on how to report and resolve situations perceived as inappropriate behaviour. In Kesko Group, harassment can always be reported also through Kesko's confidential SpeakUp reporting channel.

Anti-discrimination principles and whistleblower protection

Kesko is committed to protecting its employees and other stakeholders who report suspected discrimination, harassment, abuse or other prohibited conduct to Kesko, and to preventing any retaliation in relation to such reports. Kesko prohibits any attempt to sanction or in any way disadvantage or harass persons who express an intention to report or who have already reported suspected misconduct. Kesko's principle of protecting whistleblowers applies to anyone who reports a suspicion of wrongdoing in good faith, even if the concern later proves to be unfounded.

All employees who experience or witness retaliation or otherwise observe behaviour that appears to be retaliatory should immediately report it to either the supervisor, the Occupational Health and Safety Department, Human Resources or Kesko's Compliance & Ethics function. They may also report their concerns through Kesko's confidential SpeakUp channel. Kesko's Anti-Harassment and Anti-Discrimination Principles also protect persons who participate in the investigation of reports, act as witnesses or otherwise assist in the investigation, or make decisions or recommendations in connection with investigations.

A finding of retaliation or harassment may lead to disciplinary action, such as termination of employment, liability for damages or legal sanctions.

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