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April 2020

Kesko adjusts its operations due to the coronavirus epidemic

Lay-off measures are estimated to affect approximately 2,000 Kesko employees in Finland – Kesko has managed to significantly reduce the number with employee transfers between units.

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03.04.2020 12:00

March 2020

Danish Agro Group assumes ownership of Konekesko’s Baltic subsidiaries

Konekesko Oy and the Danish Agro Group company DA Agravis Machinery Holding A/S have today completed the transaction concerning Konekesko’s remaining stake in its Baltic subsidiaries. The transaction was completed after Danish Agro in March 2020 met the conditions set by the European Commission, namely the approval for the divestment of its certain business operations in Estonia.

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31.03.2020 18:30

K Group’s share of the Finnish grocery trade market grew in 2019 and totalled 36.5%

K Group’s share of the Finnish grocery trade market grew by 0.4 percentage points in 2019 compared to the year before, totalling 36.5%. Sales growth was particularly strong in the K-Citymarket and K-Supermarket chains. K-Citymarket increased its market share the most out of all Finnish grocery store chains. The data comes from Nielsen’s Grocery Shop Directory published on 19 March.

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26.03.2020 13:41

K Group grocery stores increase safety measures – we must all strive to avoid close contact

Grocery stores do important work that enables society continue to function. To ensure the safety of this valuable work, K Group is constantly devising new measures. Some of these – for example protective shields at the cash registers – are visible to store customers. However, the most important thing is that all people who come into the store commit to acting in a way that ensures safety for all.

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26.03.2020 09:28

Dedicated shopping hours at K-food stores for people most at risk

Many K-retailers have responded to customer requests to establish dedicated times during which people to whom coronavirus poses a high risk can do their grocery shopping in a less crowded environment. Some stores do this within regular opening hours, some have specifically extend opening hours, often opening the store earlier than usual. Each retailer decides individually how the matter is dealt with at their store, as the possibility to offer dedicated shopping times varies from store to store.

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17.03.2020 10:42

Coronavirus precautions and prevention in K Group/Kesko

We began actively monitoring developments regarding the COVID-19 coronavirus early on. We work in close cooperation with authorities and follow guidelines issued by them. We are doing everything we can to ensure the wellbeing of our customers and personnel as well as operational continuity.

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17.03.2020 09:31

Kesko’s sales grew in February

  The sales of Kesko Group’s continuing operations in February 2020 totalled €823.5 million, representing an increase of 10.5%. The comparable sales for continuing operations increased by 8.4%.

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13.03.2020 08:00

Kesko has published sustainability reports for 20 years – sustainability has become mainstream

These days, nearly all companies claim that they operate responsibly and offer sustainable products and services. But where can you get reliable, comparable data on corporate responsibility? Each year, many companies publish extensive, transparent and assured information on sustainability as part of their annual reports. Kesko published its 20th sustainability report on 6 March 2020 as part of its 2019 Annual Report.

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06.03.2020 09:00

Kesko to acquire Mark & Infra i Sverige AB, a company that serves technical wholesale professionals in Sweden

Kesko has agreed to acquire the Swedish Mark & Infra i Sverige AB (MIAB), a company specialising in the sales of water and sewage products. The acquisition will strengthen Onninen’s technical wholesale offering to Infra customers in Sweden.

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06.03.2020 08:30

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