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February 2019

K-Group challenges itself and food industry towards more effective actions for circular economy: K-Group part of the first commitment to material efficiency in Finland

On 8 February 2019, organisations in the food industry, the trade sector and the packaging industry announced their commitment to material efficiency together with three ministries of Finland. K-Group is one of the companies participating in the commitment. The goal of the commitment is more sustainable production, distribution and consumption of food.

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18.02.2019 13:49

January 2019

K-Group becomes the biggest partner in the Pink ribbon fundraising campaign with a donation of over half a million euro

K-food stores participated in Syöpäsäätiö's 2018 Pink ribbon campaign with a record high contribution of approximately 586,000 euro. The amount is the highest ever during K-Group's 11 years of participation in the Pink ribbon campaign. The contribution is used to support Finnish breast cancer research as well as women diagnosed with breast cancer and their families.


22.01.2019 14:32

International comparisons show sustainability work in Finnish companies is world class – Kesko ranked the most sustainable trading sector company in the world

Kesko and six other Finnish companies have been included on the Global 100 Most Sustainable Corporations in the World list.

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22.01.2019 12:15

K Group's Food Trend Review: Conscious Consumption a Major Trend – Potato Makes a Comeback

Our new Food Trends 2019 report says that next year, the biggest trend affecting Finns' food choices will be conscious consumption. The second biggest trend is everyday wellbeing, with tailored wellbeing coming in third place. As for ingredients and products, in 2019 our shopping baskets will include more pre-cleaned fish, fresh herbs and potatoes, as well as bread from local bakeries and beers by microbreweries.

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21.01.2019 15:21

Collaboration between WWF Finland and K Group to help migratory fish creates more than 100 new spawning grounds and helps trout return to restored sites

The second annual campaign of WWF Finland and K Group to save endangered migratory fish species has been concluded with excellent results. Hundreds of volunteers built over 100 new spawning grounds for fish in rivers and streams across Finland between June and September, opening up as much as 30 kilometres of previously inaccessible habitats and breeding areas. Trout has already returned to the areas restored by last year’s volunteers.


03.01.2019 13:47

Versatile tasks and duties, strong customer focus and leadership opportunities attract professionals to K Group

K Group ranks 18th among the 50 most attractive business employers in Finland, based on an annual survey by Universum. The survey results show that K Group’s strengths meet the expectations of survey participants in terms of the variety of assignments, leadership opportunities, attractive and exciting products and services, and a good reference for future career.

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03.01.2019 13:42

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