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April 2018

Together for a cleaner world

The Finnish Commerce Federation and the Ministry of the Environment together with retail sector companies have launched a consumer campaign to reduce the consumption of plastic bags. Naturally, K Group is also taking part in this positive initiative.

20.04.2018 11:44

K Group's successful truck pilot extended – two new HCT trucks to reduce emissions

K Group will begin using two new HCT trucks, which will be used to improve food transport efficiency for the grocery trade in Finland and reduce emissions caused by the transports over the long distances travelled in the country. K Group Logistics is actively seeking new ways to reduce the carbon footprint and improving the machinery is a central method for reaching that goal.

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19.04.2018 14:04

K Group adopts new pricing to further reduce the consumption of plastic bags in K-food stores

The consumption of plastic bags among K Group customers has decreased in relative terms over the past year across Finland. To further reduce the consumption of plastics, K Group adopts a new pricing model for K-food stores, in which plastic, paper and biodegradable bags all cost the same.

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18.04.2018 09:24

Thank the producer: K Group again pays Finnish food producers hundreds of thousands of euros extra

K Group is remitting more than 350,000 euros in extra support to Finnish food producers as part of its Thank the Producer model, which aims to promote Finnish food production and food producers. Some 6 million Pirkka Thank the Producer products were sold in K-food stores in 2017.

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12.04.2018 10:30

K Group continues to transform online food sales: opens an online wholesale store for all customers

K Group is taking the next step in transforming online food sales with Kespro’s launch of K-RuokaPro, the first online wholesale food store in Finland that is open to all.

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12.04.2018 10:27

March 2018

Food shopping in 2028 – K Group’s 5 visions for the food store of the future

24 hour pick-up of groceries bought online, restaurant-quality food and nutritional advice, inspiring shopping trips tailored to the individual needs of each customer. These were some of the visions that emerged in a multi-phase survey of over 60 grocery trade experts regarding the food store of the future. The visions combine the best features of both physical and online grocery stores.

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14.03.2018 09:19

Kesko’s Annual Report: K Group is transforming and growing

Kesko’s 2017 Annual Report describes the progress made in Kesko’s strategy and sustainability work, providing comprehensive performance indicators. The report depicts K Group’s impact on the society and our value creation and contains perspectives from our stakeholders.

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07.03.2018 14:25

K-Market Rukankylä encourages to enjoy a vegetarian diet to protect our winters

Protect Our Winters Finland and the WWF encourage winter holiday tourists to try a climate-friendly vegetarian diet as part of the Protect Our Winters campaign. K-Market Rukankylä’s role in the campaign is vital, as it distributes climate-friendly one-euro vegetarian food bags to its customers.

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02.03.2018 17:15

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