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January 2021

December 2020

Kesko’s sales in November

The sales of Kesko Group totalled €875.0 million in November 2020 and strengthened in comparable terms from the year before.

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14.12.2020 08:00

Little Big Deed: Sign-language speaker Ruddy offers service with a smile at K-Market Otaniemi

Ruddy Kemppainen, a sign-language speaker who has enriched the whole workplace with his language, culture and positivity, serves customers at K-Market Otaniemi in Espoo. K-retailer Aleksi Tapani believes that since all his customers are different, the same should apply to his staff.

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11.12.2020 08:42

K Group’s recipe for a better workplace: a culture of appreciation of diversity

Responsibility for personnel means not only taking care of employees’ wellbeing and safety but also greater appreciation for diversity, inclusion and equality.

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09.12.2020 17:08

CDP’s international questionnaire rates Finnish companies’ climate efforts world class – Kesko rises to prestigious A List

CDP, a global climate research provider that reviews how companies disclose and manage their environmental impacts, has given its best A score to six Finnish companies, Kesko among them. K Group is moving towards carbon neutrality by increasing the use of electricity and heat produced with renewable energy, and by switching to biofuels in transports in Finland.

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08.12.2020 13:00

Kesko to donate Christmas dinner to 800 low-income families with the help of Hope ry

Covid-19 has made the financial situation of many families more difficult this year. This is why Kesko has decided to give its Christmas donation to Hope ry, an organisation with good local networks that knows how to reach the families and children who most need help

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02.12.2020 08:00

November 2020

Over 300 tons of plastic saved so far with changes to K Group’s own brand product packaging

This year, K Group has made changes to the packaging of 60 of its own brand products sold in grocery trade. The changes have resulted in considerable reductions in plastic use, equalling some 14 million plastic carrier bags. K Group’s objective is to reduce plastic in its own brand product packaging and make all the packaging either recyclable, biodegradable or reusable by the end of 2025. K Group encourages its customers to recycle used packaging by choosing suitable packaging materials and providing more easily understandable instructions for sorting.

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26.11.2020 15:31

Kesko’s environmental efforts ranked the best in industry in Dow Jones’ listing of the world’s leading companies in sustainability

Kesko – alongside five other Finnish companies – has been included in the esteemed Dow Jones Sustainability Index the DJSI World. The DJSI indices act as sustainable investment tools and include the best companies in each industry, determined based on an extensive sustainability assessment.

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16.11.2020 14:00

Kesko’s sales in October

The sales of Kesko Group’s continuing operations totalled €939.0 million in October 2020. Sales strengthened in comparable terms from the year before.

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13.11.2020 08:00

K Group increases supply chain transparency with a new website that enables tracing the origin of products sold at K-stores

Where was the tuna purchased from your local K-store store caught? How do the farmers of Fairtrade roses use their Fairtrade premiums to benefit their community? Where does the timber used to build your new terrace come from? K Group’s new ‘Tracing our products’ website provides answers to the growing number of customer questions regarding the origins of products sold in our stores.

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04.11.2020 12:30

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