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April 2019

Making sustainable choices easy: K-Rauta commits to increasing the share of sustainably produced timber

Are you dreaming of a summer terrace, yard construction project or a new pier? K-Rauta offers an extensive selection of timber for various types of construction projects. An increasing share of K-Rauta’s timber selection is responsibly produced and comes from sustainably managed forests.

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11.04.2019 12:11

March 2019

K Group’s market share in Finnish grocery up to 36.1% – comparable sales growth the best in business

K Group’s share of the Finnish grocery trade market totalled 36.1% in 2018, representing a growth of 0.3 percentage points on the year before. K Group has the most extensive grocery store network in Finland with 1,200 stores. Sales for the existing store network of the past two years have outshined the competition, according to Nielsen’s Grocery Shop Directory published on 22 March.


25.03.2019 12:51

Parcels delivered by drones

Drones will be used to carry some 100 parcels from Matkahuolto’s logistics terminal to the K-Market Kartanonkoski and K-Market Ylästö stores in Vantaa, which act as Matkahuolto outlets, during the test period between 18 and 20 March 2019. The experiment will provide information on the efficiency and capacity of the operating model. The parcels will be actual online store deliveries to consumers in Matkahuolto’s transport network.

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22.03.2019 14:42

Kesko’s Annual Report: Economic benefit generated by Kesko and K-retailers to Finnish regions over 8 billion euros

Kesko’s Annual Report 2018 describes the progress made in Kesko’s strategy execution and sustainability work, with comprehensive performance indicators. The report depicts how K Group creates value for the whole society and measures taken for the environment and for ensuring the responsibility of supply chains.

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08.03.2019 09:15

February 2019

K-Group challenges itself and food industry towards more effective actions for circular economy: K-Group part of the first commitment to material efficiency in Finland

On 8 February 2019, organisations in the food industry, the trade sector and the packaging industry announced their commitment to material efficiency together with three ministries of Finland. K-Group is one of the companies participating in the commitment. The goal of the commitment is more sustainable production, distribution and consumption of food.

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18.02.2019 13:49

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