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December 2018

K Group supports Christmas fundraising campaign for families again this year

K Group once again takes part in the Hyvä Joulumieli fundraising campaign, to provide Christmas meals to tens of thousands of families with children in Finland.

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10.12.2018 16:14

K Group opens a new electric car charging station at K-Citymarket Lappeenranta as part of its growing nationwide charging network

Possibilities for electric car charging in Lappeenranta and elsewhere in southeast Finland will improve significantly, as K Group has opened the region’s first new fast charging station in K-Citymarket Lappeenranta on 27 November. Over the course of this autumn, K Group will open the first ten electric car charging stations that will be part of its growing nationwide K Charge network at K-store locations across the country.


03.12.2018 10:27

November 2018

New type of collaboration between Plan and K Group enables hundreds of children to go to school and improves working conditions in factories

In an effort to improve the lives of families of migrants working in the Thai fishing industry and increase the responsibility of the factories, the children's right organisation Plan International Finland and K Group formed a new type of collaboration. The results of the four-year project have exceeded expectations.

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21.11.2018 12:49

"Online grocery trade is more of a marathon than a sprint"

Online sales of groceries have taken off slower in Finland than in the neighbouring Sweden. However, the pace is now picking up forcefully, and K Group targets 100% growth with net sales of over 40 million euros in the online grocery trade next year. Three million people in Finland already have access to K Group's online grocery sales. Popular products include coffee and rainbow trout. The potential entry of international companies such as Amazon to the Finnish market would accelerate online sales, but K Group believes that its combination of online and brick and mortar stores will prove a winning concept also going forward.

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09.11.2018 16:48

Support for Finnish food producers after a difficult summer

Summer this year was exceptionally hot and dry in Finland, posing a threat to the livelihood of many food producers. In an effort to support food producers, K Group first doubled the support paid on its 'Thank the Producer' products, then expanded the product range. "We want to help consumers make choices that are aligned with their values," says Ari Akseli, President of K Group’s grocery trade division.

09.11.2018 15:28

Kesko’s Annual Report NGO’s choice in sustainability reporting competition

K Group's report was named "NGO's choice" in a sustainability reporting competition organised by FIBS, Finland's leading corporate responsibility network. According to the NGO that made the pick, Baltic Sea Action Group, Kesko's 2017 annual report shows that K Group has a clearly proactive approach to sustainability. The NGO gave special thanks on themes related to the Baltic Sea, such as decreasing eutrophication and avoiding the use of plastics.

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07.11.2018 15:01

Big can learn to be agile, too – K Group seeks inspiration from start-ups

K Group’s international start-up challenge inspired new ideas on how to serve customers even better. "Outsiders can see the possibilities," say Anni Ronkainen and Harri Nieminen from K Group. "Start-ups can teach us that you can achieve a lot in a fairly short amount of time by being agile and experimenting."

07.11.2018 13:01

K Group is extensively part of the everyday lives of people in Finland

Kesko, which recently recorded its best-ever quarterly result, is committed to the construction of the Finnish society. Mikko Helander, the President and CEO of Kesko and K Group, believes that a responsible and successful company must offer answers to questions affecting the whole society and welfare in Finland.

07.11.2018 12:54

October 2018

K Group takes part in the Finnish 'Work does not criminate' campaign

K Group takes part in the 'Work does not discriminate' campaign which aims to change attitudes and reduce discrimination in Finnish workplaces. The objective of the campaign is to make non-discrimination a matter of principle for all workplaces. K Group is committed to promoting a workplace culture that does not discriminate.

30.10.2018 14:10

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