Frequently asked questions

Before applying for a job

Which documents should I attach to the application?
If you wish, you can attach a CV and an application letter to job applications.

Which file formats are supported?
Text files can be either .pdf or .doc(x); the image file format is .jpeg.

Filling in an electronic job application form

How long does it take to fill in the form?
It takes a few minutes to fill in if you have your CV ready. As a return message, you will receive a link through which you can complete the first template if you wish.

Which browser do you recommend?
The application form can be filled in using any of the most common browsers.

Which language should I use?
You can fill in the job application either in Finnish or English.

Can I apply for several jobs using the same form?
Usually the vacancies differ so much that it is good to edit the application. If you want to use exactly the same application, we can copy your application for another job.

After submitting an electronic form

How do I make sure that Kesko has received my job application?
After having submitted your application, you will receive a confirmation message saying that that the application has come in. If you are in doubt whether your application has reached Kesko, you can email or call the contact person given in the job advertisement or call our general phone number +358 10 5311.

How long will my application remain in the system?
We store applications targeted to a specific open position and related information for one year and three months from the receipt of the application.

Can I make changes to my application after having submitted it?
Unfortunately, you cannot edit the application yourself. But you can contact (applicable only in Finland).

Can I delete my application?
We will delete your application on request. You can email or call the contact person given in the job advertisement or call our general phone number +358 10 5311.

Other questions on applying for a job

How do I apply for a warehouse job?
Warehouse vacancies can be applied for with an electronic form. The form and further information are available on page Warehouse vacancies.

How do I apply for a job in a K-store?
If there are no suitable vacancies right now, you can directly contact the stores of the town or district.



Who can I contact for further information?

PO Box 1, FI-00016 Kesko
Phone +358 10 5311
Fax +358 9 655 473

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