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FAQ Financial Services – Frequently asked questions about financial services

Whom to contact in financial issues

Financial services are mostly handled in Kesko’s Group Financial Services (GFS). Contacts are received and mainly solved in Contact Center. Most common contact reasons are in financial service’s contact form and they’re listed based on contactor’s role. Message sent by form opens a service request in GFS and a notification is sent to your email address. Service request has a unique K-FIN number in front of subject, where it can be identified. Please check your spam filters and folders, if email is not received.

Other ways to contact:

  • Chat-service is open on weekdays between 10 AM to 2 PM EET. Outside service hours an open message can be sent from Contact Center -button.
  • Telephone service is open on weekdays between 10 AM to 2 PM EET tel. +358 1053 25060.
  • If you’re working in Kesko or in K-stores, please contact us at Know portal’s Financial services.

Supplier or service provider

Sending reminder or statement to Kesko

Reminders and statements can also be sent by form as an attachment, preferably in excel-format. If reminders or statements are sent from your IT-system automatically, please contact us in chat, telephone or Contact Center -button in order to agree the method.

Support for sending electronic cost invoices

Please read instructions first from Kesko's information channel in cost e-invoicing. 

Kesko BTT customer number list of K-stores for Flow through invoices

In Flow through invoices, goods are delivered from supplier to store. Invoice is sent to Kesko who sends sales invoice to store.

Warehouse invoices

Warehouse invoices are based on purchase orders made by purchasing department or store. Goods are received to company’s warehouse and invoice received to handling in agreed method.

Invoice addresses for Flow through and Warehouse invoices (pdf)

Sending invoices as an email attachment (pdf)

Please note! If your account number or invoicing address has changed: please contact your contact person in Kesko’s purchasing department. Invoicing teams don’t update vendor’s account numbers or address details.



Invoice sent by Kesko (also Onninen which is part of K-group)

If you need copies of Kesko’s sales invoices, please select reason ‘Invoice is missing or copy of invoice is needed’.

  • If you know the invoice number, please fill in 1 to 5 invoice numbers to fields.
  • If you don’t have the invoice numbers, please give additional information.

Invoice isn’t correct

If you’ve received incorrect invoice, choose ‘Invoice isn’t correct’ and specify the error reason. In order to fasten the handling, please choose Kesko’s division.

Please note, that errors in deliveries are handled in Kesko’s divisions as follows:

If your invoice is from Building and technical trade, Grocery trade or Kespro warehouse and terminal products, contact directly to email mentioned in invoice.

If your invoice is from Building and technical trade, supplier Onninen, please read further instructions:

K-Rauta / Raksa-stores

  • Returns, reclaims and other issues concerning orders from Onninen, please contact
  • Raksa-stores can make reclaims to their system.
  • Email should include:
    • Supplier Onninen's invoice number, for example 127352572, or Kesko's purchase order 19…
    • EAN code, product name and reason for reclaim.

BtoB target sales: please contact project sales or tel +358-204855070.

If purchase order includes Kesko's products, for further information please contact

Payment to Kesko or overdue invoice

Kesko’s dunning is done by Intrum Oy. If you’ve received a dunning note from Intrum Oy and need more information, contact details are in letter or address Please pay the overdue invoice as informed in dunning note.

If you’ve received a reminder from Kesko and need more information, please choose reason ’Payment reminder from Kesko’.

Please note! Your account in Kesko will be opened after your payment is received and booked. There’s no need to send a receipt or contact credit control.

Other payment methods, such as e-invoices and direct debit: please contact your own bank.

If you have received a credit note from Kesko, you can deduct it from the next invoice.
If it is not possible for you to deduct the credit note from invoices, you can report the invoice number and account details via the form by selecting the ‘Credit note is open and not deducted from the payments’.

Customer contact details

Account number, visiting or invoicing address or invoicing method have changes: Please inform all details by choosing ’Customer contact details’ and fill in all necessary fields.

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