Half a kilogram of vegetables a day

K Group’s programme promotes healthier choices. One of the goals of this programme is that Finns will eat half a kilogram of vegetables a day by 2030.

Filling the plate with vegetables is the basis for healthier eating. Consuming vegetables in accordance with national nutrition recommendations improves the nutritional quality of the grocery purchases and reduces the carbon footprint compared to the purchases of a person with an average omnivorous diet.

K Group wants to challenge Finnish people to eat half a kilogram of vegetables a day and offers practical tips to achieve this. The fruit and vegetable sections at K food stores provide reminders on how easy it is to add vegetables to your diet. The materials displayed at the stores provide concrete examples for customers on how easy it is to meet the goal set in the national nutrition recommendations in our everyday lives.

The theme is also visible in K Group’s communications. For example, content and recipes that encourage increasing the amount of vegetables in your diet are featured in the K-Ruoka service. In addition, customers are able to see if their daily purchases meet the half-a-kilogram goal by using the K-Ostokset service in the K-Ruoka application.

Numeric goals

Our goal is that consumers who mostly buy groceries from K food stores eat half a kilogram of vegetables a day by 2026, and all Finns by 2030. Reaching the goal in the population is monitored through research conducted by the Finnish Institute for Health and Welfare.


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