Local and small producers

Grocery stores have strengthened their position as the primary place of purchase of local food products. As Finland’s largest local food store, the K Group offers local and small producers opportunities to have their products included in K-stores’ selections.

K-stores have Finland’s largest selection of local products: around 50,000–60,000 items in total. For K-stores, local products are a way to stand out from the competition and tailor their selections to meet local demand. K-store owners are actively seeking new products from local and small producers in response to customers’ interests.

Are you a small producer or a local food company? Suggest your product, and we can explore cooperation opportunities together! With each producer, we will find the best ways of working for the particular situation.


Cooperation in the grocery trade with the K Group offers many opportunities. Contact us if you are interested in expanding your distribution channels. Let’s explore our opportunities for future cooperation!

Together with the supplier, we will assess each product on a case-by-case basis, as well as its chances of success on the shelves of K-stores.

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You can also contact your local K-retailers directly to suggest your products.

Local food meetings bring small producers and K-retailers together

For years, the K Group has held local food meetings in different parts of Finland to improve the availability of local food in K-stores. The purpose of local food meetings is to bring together retail professionals and local food producers.

A total of 36 local food meetings in 19 locations in Finland were held between 2014 and 2019. At these events, 530 producers showcased their products, and 1,500 representatives of the retail sector explored opportunities and made deals.

“Finnish food and primary production are important to us. We want to help business owners to commercialise their products and have their products included in K-stores’ selections. K-retailers also provide local food producers with valuable feedback for further product development, for example,” says Timo Jäske, Sustainability Manager, Kesko’s grocery trade.

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