Diversified K-Plussa benefits

The widest and most diverse customer loyalty programme in Finland provides K-Plussa customers with benefits from nearly 3,000 outlets.

Local K-retailers and K Group chains offer individually targeted special benefits and services to their K-Plussa customers. All K-Plussa customers also get significant price benefits that are available only for customers using a K-Plussa card. Furthermore, the benefit received in the form of K-Plussa points is up to 5%.

Customers using their K-Plussa cards receive benefits from K Group stores and a number of K-Plussa partners' businesses, such as service stations, restaurants, spas and hotels.

K-Plussa benefits are also offered for magazine subscriptions, car rentals, movies, and insurances.

Pirkka is K Group's customer magazine which is posted to every K-Plussa household that is an active K Group store customer 10 times a year.

Important internet addresses for K-Plussa's loyal customers are www.plussa.fi and www.pirkka.fi. Plussa.com serves K-Plussa customers as a databank, as a channel for the maintenance of their own data and interest areas, and as a personal shopping monitor. Pirkka.fi offers useful everyday information and ideas on all product lines of K Group. The Facebook pages of Plussa provide an easy channel for customers to ask questions, contact our customer service or express opinions.

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