On-the-job training and thesis cooperation

We want to offer successful work experiences to students through on-the-job training.

Every year, K Group employs thousands of on-the-job trainees, young people for short-term orientation to working life and thesis students. Most on-the-job training positions are in stores, but also Kesko's background operations regularly employ trainees. In addition, we carry out almost every year the K-trainee programme, which is intended for university students approaching the end of their studies and recent graduates.

We hope successful on-the-job training periods will increase interest in the trading sector and knowledge about the jobs available as well as encourage students to seek employment with us in the future. Young, active trainees studying the profession may also offer fresh thoughts and new ideas to the employer.

K-stores and Kesko Group's units make independent decisions on when and for what jobs they take trainees. In seeking an on-the-job training position, it pays off to be active and directly contact the K-retailer (stores' contact details) or the Kesko Group's unit you are interested in (contact details).

Short-term orientation to working life for young people

Short-term orientation to working life for young people is an on-the-job training that is part of the curriculum of 8th and 9th graders. It is a supervised introduction to how companies and working communities operate. Since the orientation is part of the curriculum, it takes place during the school year, not during the summer or other holidays. There is no salary for short-term orientation to working life for young people, so the student is not employed by the company where they do their orientation.

On-the-job learning and on-the-job training

These concepts refer to compulsory or optional study modules where students get hands-on experience in working life in the field they are studying.

On-the-job learning

• upper secondary vocational education institutions
• supervised working at the workplace during a predefined period
• a written agreement between the institution and the employer is required

 On-the-job training

• universities and universities of applied sciences
• supervised working at the workplace during a predefined period


The K-scholarship can be applied for by university of applied sciences students who complete the on-the-job training included in their studies with at least good marks at a K-store or a K Group office. The scholarship programme is part of a long-term cooperation we have with universities of applied sciences. The K-scholarship practice is valid until further notice.

More information on the Kesko scholarship

Rules of the K-scholarship programme

To apply for a K-scholarship

Group HR, Ilona Castrén, tel. +358 50 585 7006, ilona.castren(at)kesko.fi

Thesis cooperation

Thesis cooperation depends on the research requirements of Kesko Group's individual units. A thesis project may be initiated as a request for research by a company or as a suggestion by a student.

Before suggesting a thesis project, it is worthwhile to consider the topic and which department or unit might be interested in it. A thesis project may be offered directly to a specific unit of Kesko Group or its divisions.

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