K Group for students and recent graduates

Welcome to working life! For many people, K Group provides the first work experience and opportunities to start their careers.

We are the most responsible trading sector company in the world, and a strong part of our corporate responsibility is to provide young people and students with a successful first work experience. One in five employed young persons under 25 years is employed in the trading sector. K Group provides the very first work experience to many young people.

We believe the best way to learn the work is by doing. That is why we do not only search experienced professionals, but also people who are truly enthusiastic about the trading sector and are not afraid to get down to the business. A job at K Group is a good springboard to working life. You can gather experience that any employer will appreciate. With us, you get much more than a salary from your first job. Such as good spirits, new skills, memories and perhaps a start for a career, among other things.

Below you can find information on our various ways of employing students and young people.

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