Share information

A share
- symbol: KESKOA (OMX)
- ISIN code: FI0009007900
- voting rights per share: 10 votes
- number of shares: 126,948,028

B share 
- symbol: KESKOB (OMX) 
- ISIN code: FI0009000202
- voting rights per share: 1 vote 
- number of shares: 273,130,980

Trading unit of both share series: 1 share
Total share capital: EUR 197,282,584
Total number of shares: 400,079,008
Voting rights carried by all shares: 1,542,611,260.
Listed in Nasdaq Helsinki.
Segment: Large Cap.
Sector: Retail.

Share series and share capital

Kesko Corporation's share capital is divided into A shares and B shares. The company's share capital is EUR 197,282,584.

The minimum number of A shares is one (1) and the maximum number two hundred and fifty million (250,000,000), while the minimum number of B shares the minimum number is one (1) and the maximum number three hundred and sixty million (360,000,000), provided that the total number of shares is at minimum two (2) and at maximum six hundred and ten million (610,000,000).

The total number of shares is 400,079,008 of which 126,948,028 (31,7%) are A shares and 273,130,980 (68.3%) are B shares.

Each A share entitles the holder to 10 votes and each B share to 1 vote. Both shares give the same dividend rights. The number of votes entitled by A shares is 82% and the number of votes entitled by B shares is 18% of the total voting rights.

Kesko Corporation's up-to-date register of shareholders is available at Euroclear Finland Ltd's customer service, address Urho Kekkosen katu 5 C, 8th floor, Helsinki.

The company's shares are included in the book-entry securities system held by Euroclear Finland Ltd.

The right to receive funds distributed by the company and to subscribe to shares when the share capital is increased belongs only to those

  • who are registered as shareholders in the shareholder register on the record date
  • whose right to receive funds has been entered by the record date into the book-entry securities account of the shareholder registered in the shareholder register, and registered in the shareholder register
  • if a share has been registered in a nominee name, into whose book-entry securities account the share has been entered by the record date, and whose custodian has been registered in the shareholder register as the custodian of the shares by the record date


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