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May 2019

K Group’s solar power is flowing fast again

The production of K Group’s solar power plants is growing rapidly as the amount of daylight increases, and they will reach maximum production for the first time around mid-May. K Group’s experiences of solar power are so positive that more new solar power plants are being planned.

10.05.2019 10:31

The trading sector plays a central role in mitigating climate change

The next decade will be decisive in our global search for the best solutions to mitigate climate change. The targets to create a carbon neutral society also direct the operations of all companies and have a major impact on each and every one of us. K Group is highly committed to creating solutions for mitigating climate change together with others.

10.05.2019 10:19

K-Supermarket Ratina first store in Tampere to offer reusable shared shopping bags

Shoppers in Tampere now have a new sustainable alternative for carrying their groceries.


10.05.2019 08:59

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