Kesko Logistics

Keslo Logistics is an efficient, reliable and pioneering provider of logistics services in the trading sector. While Kesko Logistics primary duties include providing logistics services for the division parent companies of the Kesko Group, services are also offered to companies outside the Group.

Kesko Logistics is a former logistics company "Keslog Ltd" which was integrated to Kesko Group in autumn 2016 and is now one of Kesko Group's divisions. Keslog started operating at the beginning of 2006, when the Kesko Group's transport and forwarding company Kesped Ltd and the warehousing operations of Kesko's grocery trade division were merged.

Our services

Kesko Logistics is one of the largest providers of logistics services in Finland. Our international expertise in transport and forwarding, comprehensive temperature-controlled transportation and terminal network and extensive warehousing capacity offer the most competitive solutions to our customers.

  • Our international import transportation covers deliveries of merchandise to Finland from over 100 countries. We also have export transportation operations.
  • Our temperature-controlled transportation network extends throughout Finland. Our transportation terminals are located in Tampere, Kuopio, Oulu, Jyväskylä, Mikkeli, Kouvola, Seinäjoki and Pori. We make about 3,500 daily customer visits with our 300 contract trucks.
  • Kesko Logistics two warehouses of 140,000 sqm are located in Vantaa and Turku.

Contact us

Kesko Logistics
P.O.B. 40, FI-00016 Kesko, Finland
Visits: Kyytitie 3, Vantaa, Finland

General number: 010 53 050


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