Our way of working

K is a trading sector company that renews itself and wants to be a pioneer in its sector. We are a partner of people in everyday life, but we also engage in structural renewal. Renewal requires us to constantly build up our own competencies, culture and ways of working.

Although our journey of change towards the top of our sector is just beginning, it already shows in everything we do. We are unified by an innovative and experimental attitude, which makes working at K Group an inspiring prospect that embraces renewal. At K Group, responsibility is something that defines our work every day, and we also help our customers make good and sustainable choices.

Responsibility guides our work

Sustainability is embedded in the K Group strategy. The focus areas of the sustainability strategy are climate and nature, value chain, our people, and good governance. As testimony to our sustainability work, Kesko has been annually listed as one of the Global 100 Most Sustainable Corporations in the World.

The purpose of the K Code of Conduct is to support and guide the choices and decisions made within K Group. With the code, we ensure that all employees within K Group, K-retailers, and K Group’s business partners have a common understanding of the guiding rules and principles we follow.

At K Group, you get to be your unique self

We want to be an innovative and evolving working community where everyone can feel good about being their unique selves. We believe that diversity is richness, and we are better when we work together, appreciating one another and adhering to common principles. We acknowledge that it takes continuous determined work to maintain a diversified working community that genuinely takes everyone in, and this is something we will strive for in the future as well.

At K Group, we are committed to promoting equality and gender equality in everything we do. TASY gender equality working group monitors the implementation of this commitment, and all our employees can join the working group if they want to.

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