K-retailer enterprise

Retail is the heart of K Group, and we in K Group share a genuine passion for the trading sector and its development. As a K-retailer you manage the business of your own store independently with Kesko's support.

Become a retailer in K Group

As a retailer, you get to build the store of your dreams that you manage and develop as you see fit. You decide what to do and how to do it. You also set the framework for what your employees do. A job well done can be seen both on the faces of your customers and on the bottom line. The most important objectives of a retailer are exceeding the expectations of customers and responding to new needs.

Retailer's work is a real applied university of trading; you will get new insights into all areas of the business. Indeed, our retailers consider variety the best aspect of the job. You are closely involved in work at the store and take on many roles from managing director to caretaker as need be.

In addition, K Group offers retailers training that provides concrete tools for issues such as managing finances and human resources. You can also find support in an active retailer network that provides a forum for exchanging thoughts and experiences.

We constantly need new retailers for new or existing store sites. Come and grow with us!

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