150 new brands – the new K-citymarket.fi online store for home and speciality goods is now open for business

Kesko’s new online store at K-Citymarket.fi offers customers an easy way to buy home and speciality goods: it hosts a wide selection, with special focus on beauty, home, and toys.

”In addition to products and brands known and beloved by Finns, we have added more than 150 new brands to the online selections. The new online store gives our customers a great opportunity to choose the purchase channel that best suits them, regardless of time and place,” says Sales Director Pia Rytilahti.

The key objective in creating the new online store was offering a great customer experience with a multichannel approach.

”In addition to customer experience, we have focused on ease of shopping, brands and selections. The online store supports our growth strategy for home and speciality goods. It is an important focus area for us, and nearly 200 K Group employees have taken part in the development of the online store,” says Hannele Åberg, Director, Purchasing and Sales.

Customers can use the new online store to buy products directly, to obtain product information, or to check if a product is available at their local K-Citymarket store. Online selections may also include, for example, additional colour alternatives for a product the customer has seen in a  physical store.

”Some 30% of the new store’s selections are only available online, while the rest can also be found in local K-Citymarket stores, although selections do vary between locations,” explains Rytilahti and continues:

”Although the new online store is now out, we continue to work hard to develop it further. We are eager to hear what our customers think and welcome all feedback with open arms, so that we can build an even better service”.

When it comes to buying groceries, K Group continues to serve customers via its established K-ruoka.fi service. In addition to food, the popular online grocery service will continue to offer its customers the same home and speciality items that have been available before.



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