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Education in trade skills

Eero Kasanen | 24.06.2010

The global economy is increasingly becoming a complex network of services, where trade plays an essential role. To ensure a prosperous future, Finland should keep up with the progress and develop into a nation of tradespeople.

Are trade skills inherent or can they be taught? A commercial mindset seems to come naturally for some, while others shun business thinking of any kind. Those genuinely interested in trade can be taught many useful skills. They can learn these skills in the Master’s Degree Programme in Retail and Channel Management at the Aalto University School of Economics in Helsinki.

Over the years, the Federation of Finnish Commerce has provided significant support for trade education at the Aalto University School of Economics and its predecessor, the Helsinki School of Economics. Kesko and the Aalto University School of Economics have many joint research projects in progress, and Kesko’s experts often visit the university as guest lecturers.

Trade is an increasingly important and popular field in university education. Many may wonder, however, what a degree programme in retail includes. What more could you need than a strong business instinct, a good grasp of percentages and a few other tried and true skills? Well, these are still necessary – but not enough for navigating global trade networks.

Let’s take a closer look at the Master’s Degree Programme in Retail and Channel Management. In 2010, the key focus areas are business models and marketing, value chain management and social relations in retail.

Through theory and practice, the courses examine such topics as chain business models, responsible management practices in retail, channel partnerships in international markets, tradespeople as entrepreneurs, location planning, commercial centre security, and many more.

Moreover, students can pursue a doctoral degree in retail, an evolving discipline. Managers can hone their skills in international leadership development courses focusing on trade.

Courses in retail are popular, and graduates from the Aalto University School of Economics have strong expertise in modern retail and marketing. You, too, are welcome to further develop your skills and to recruit truly competent people! 

Eero Kasanen is a professor of finance and Executive Dean of the Aalto University School of Economics.

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