Sustainable Product label for responsibility makes choosing easier for Kespro's customers

Kespro makes it easier for its customers to make responsible choices by marking the background information of its products with the Sustainable Product label if the product has been manufactured responsibly. The new label was introduced in December 2021, and its use will gradually expand.

"We define sustainable products as those which have a significantly smaller climate impact than comparable products or which are important for adapting to climate change," says QEHS Manager Mia Haavisto.

There are several sustainability labels on products on the market, making it difficult to choose between them, especially for foodservice customers. At Kespro, the Sustainable Product label guarantees that an assessment of the product's sustainability has already been carried out by Kespro, and the customer knows they are making a responsible choice when they buy a product with the label.

"Responsibility is increasingly emphasised in restaurants' and cafés' own marketing, as it is more and more a determining factor for consumers when choosing where to eat. Our Sustainable Product label makes the everyday life of a restaurateur or café owner much easier, as they don't have to wade through the backgrounds of numerous sustainability labels. We at Kespro have already done the work for them," Haavisto says.

A product is a Sustainable Product when it is

  • A product in line with Kesko's sustainability policies guiding our sourcing (Soy policy, Fish and shellfish statement, Timber and paper policy, Cocoa policy, Palm oil policy, Cotton policy)
  • A product with sustainability certification and labelling (Organic, Sirkkalehti, Vegan, Fairtrade, Rainforest Alliance (UTZ), ASC, MSC, Nordic Ecolabel, EU Flower, Ecocert, FSC, PEFC, BCI, GOTS)
  • A circular economy product
  • An 'Offset carbon footprint' product
  • A plant-based product which can replace animal-based products such as meat and dairy products

For now, the label is only visible in the product information on Kespro's public website ( Currently, nearly 2,000 products have the Sustainable Product label.

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