The new selection of Pirkka Fairtrade flowers for special occasions was created in response to customer wishes – roses for summer celebrations can now be ordered from K-food stores

The range of Pirkka Fairtrade flowers is being expanded with a selection of flowers for special occasions that can be pre-ordered. Large quantities of single-coloured flowers that have been requested by customers for decorating summer parties can now be pre-ordered this summer. All flowers in the selection are Pirkka Fairtrade flowers. In 2023, almost EUR 320,000 was paid in Fairtrade premiums to the farmers of the Fairtrade flowers sold at K-food stores for community-building purposes.

Many customers organising summer weddings and other summer parties have wanted to buy larger quantities of flowers for decoration.

“Last summer, we received enquiries from our customers asking whether we could supply bouquets also in single colours and in larger quantities. Many people like to do the decoration for their special occasions themselves, even in the case of big parties, and want to have their favourite flowers in a particular colour. For special occasions this summer, customers will be able to order, for instance, one hundred peach-coloured Fairtrade roses from K-food stores,” says Suvi Seppälä, Purchasing and Sales Manager for flowers in Kesko’s grocery trade division.

Sustainability is an important factor for customers, so all the flowers in the K-food stores’ new selection for special occasions are Pirkka Fairtrade roses, spray carnations, spray roses or eucalyptus. Depending on the flower, the available colours are pink, peach, red, white and green.

“It’s great that consumers will now be able to choose from a comprehensive selection of flowers and now have a very easy way to order Fairtrade flowers for special occasions. This is something that customers have been asking us to do for years. This will also be very important for Fairtrade flower workers, as every flower purchase will directly support their livelihood and well-being,” says Tuija Kopra, Commercial Manager at Fairtrade Finland.

Customers can place their orders with the store personnel at their nearest K-store. Orders should be placed well in advance, as soon as the date of the party is known, and at the latest three weeks before the event.

Fairtrade improves farmers’ livelihoods and supports environmental sustainability 

Pirkka Fairtrade roses come from certified Fairtrade flower farms in Kenya and Ecuador.

A competitive market price is always paid for Fairtrade flowers, plus a Fairtrade premium. In 2023, a total of EUR 318,392 was paid in Fairtrade premiums to the farmers for the Fairtrade flowers sold at K-food stores. The workers at the flower farms decide how the Fairtrade premiums will be used. The funds are intended for the social and economic development of the community. Fairtrade premiums have been used to build daycare centres, schools and healthcare centres and housing for the workers in the communities, for example, and for scholarships to support children’s education.

Fairtrade audits, conducted by third parties, ensure that the working conditions, labour rights, use of the Fairtrade premiums and environmental considerations meet the Fairtrade criteria. Forced labour and child labour are prohibited under Fairtrade.

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Zipporah Moraa Ombiro sortin Fairtrade roses into bunches.
Vincent Owino, Reilu kauppa ry/Fairtrade Finland.

K-food stores sold 2 million bunches of Pirkka Fairtrade roses last year. You can find out more about Pirkka Fairtrade rose farms on the Tracing Our Products website. The website provides information on the quality and sustainability requirements for flowers, audits of flower farms, the use of Fairtrade premiums and the journey of flowers from farms to stores in Finland.

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Video: Vincent Owino, Reilu kauppa ry/Fairtrade Finland. 

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