K-Supermarket Ratina first store in Tampere to offer reusable shared shopping bags

Shoppers in Tampere now have a new sustainable alternative for carrying their groceries.

K-Supermarket Ratina is the first store in Tampere to introduce durable shared shopping bags, which customers can obtain against a deposit of 6 euros. Customers can then return the bag to the store and get their deposit back, or exchange a dirty bag for a clean one.

31 per cent of the respondents to K Group’s Food Trends 2019 survey said they intend to reduce their plastic consumption this year. K-Supermarket Ratina is introducing the new shopping bag alternative to help people in Tampere make sustainable choices.

“We already have return bottles for juice and lunch packaging made from recyclable materials. Customers can also bring their own containers for salad or lunch, and more than 90% of K-Supermarket Ratina’s own packaging and other waste is already being recycled. When stores, consumers and circular economy professionals work together, we can do smart and sustainable things for the environment and for our future. These shared bags are one example of this,” says retailer Marko Laaksonen.

The bags are supplied for and serviced by Lindström Oy. They are made out of durable cloth and are always washed and their condition checked after customers return them to the store to ensure a long useful life.

The first grocery store to introduce shared shopping bags was K-Supermarket Hertta in Helsinki in December. The bags have gained a lot of positive attention and customer feedback.

K Group participates in the Green Deal agreement made by the Finnish Commerce Federation and the Ministry of the Environment, which aims to reduce the use of plastic bags. K Group is committed to the EU objective of reducing the consumption of plastic bags to 40 bags per person by 2025. In our updated plastics policy, we set even tighter objectives for recycling and for reducing and avoiding the use of plastics. 


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