K Group set to hire 100 new IT and digital experts to develop cutting-edge technology in the trading sector

K Group will be hiring around 100 new experts for its IT and digital development over the next few years. In line with K Group’s strategy, we will invest heavily in digitalisation and customer experience. With the help of our new experts, our goal is to strengthen K Group's leadership in developing technologies for the trading sector across all three business divisions – grocery trade, building and technical trade, and car trade.

Digital services, IT solutions and data utilisation are today integral parts of all K Group business operations. The results of the work of our IT professionals are visible and familiar to almost everyone in Finland thanks to our mobile services, online stores and other digital solutions. For example, with its 2.2 million monthly users, K-Ruoka.fi is one of the largest trading sector websites in Finland, while the K-Ruoka app is actively used by over 800,000 people in the country.

K Group's stores also have access to world-class digital and data-based tools allowing, for example, the precise customisation of each store's selections to match its specific customer base.

"We are a pioneer in the development of technologies in the trading sector, and IT and digital experts play a crucial role for our future growth. We want to make sure that we have the expertise to constantly seek new technologies to accelerate business growth. Our focus areas include online commerce, cloud services, and the responsible use of data and artificial intelligence", says Kesko’s Chief Information Officer Arto Hiltunen

Supporting growth strategy by hiring, for example, developers, designers and AI specialists

"K Group's business operations – grocery trade, building and technical trade, and car trade – have become increasingly digitalised over the past 5-10 years. In line with our strategy, we will continue to invest heavily in both digitalisation and customer experience also going forward. The new recruits will help strengthen our existing expertise and accelerate our growth," says Hiltunen.

K Group is a major employer in the IT and digital sector in Finland, and it currently employs around 500 specialists in IT, digital development, data and digital marketing.

"Our IT organisation is international. We support K Group's operations in both Finland and our other operating countries, and the working language of our organisation is English. We therefore welcome also international experts", says Hiltunen.

The ongoing recruitment includes, for example, Data Scientist, React Native Developer and multiple Full-Stack Developer roles.

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