Employee satisfaction

Kesko and K-stores offer a wide range of career and development opportunities in the trading sector. As the operating environment and customer needs change, the continuous development of staff competence is increasingly important.

Personnel survey

The personnel survey is one of the most important tools for developing internal working practices and the quality of the supervisory work.

The personnel survey is conducted simultaneously throughout Kesko Group and at some of the K-stores. The personnel survey measures how well our people principles are realized, the engagement of our personnel, and issues related to our managers' performance.

In the 2016 personnel survey, the response rate was higher than before: 85% (81% in 2014). A great increase was seen in the employee engagement index which grew from 53% (2014) to 61%.

Development activities

What does Kesko do to promote employees' job satisfaction?

Systematic, business-driven employee development is a critical factor for future success. Core areas in competence development include sales and service competence, product line specific projects to provide competitive advantage, immediate supervisory work and leadership, as well as e-commerce and e-services.

Kesko focuses on the development of all of its employees by offering training and diverse career paths, as competent people are needed to overhaul the business. The large size of Kesko group offers opportunities to employees who aim to expand their competencies and move from one job, company or division to another. There were about 1,900 internal transfers in Finland and about 2,500 in other operating countries.

New common operating principles were defined at Kesko to guide our common activities and to convey our way of thinking for employees to act on. The principles aim to encourage employees in solutions development, simplify communications and cooperation across all the departments, create corporate identity and achieve continuity. Our operating principles are: I operate directly, openly and honestly, I show the path, I'm all in, I create trust.

Training on the web

E-learning has become an increasingly popular means of complementing on-site learning and in recent years the focus has been on promoting and developing this option.

Staff responsibility training has increased in recent years. When the K-responsibility concept was adopted, a related web training programme was prepared for food stores and building and home improvement stores. We have an eLearning on responsibility in Finnish, English and during 2016 also in Russian intended for all employees. The number of course completions is monitored.

Wellbeing in the working community

The starting point for wellbeing at work is that employees can work at Kesko in a safe environment, they are motivated in their work and their competencies are developed on a continuous basis. Employees' wellbeing is also reflected to our customers. Employee wellbeing is supported by different activities included in the programme for wellbeing at work. We continue to pay special attention to working capacity management.

A special theme in 2016-2017 is the management perspective and the creation of an operating model encompassing occupational health, safety and wellbeing into a single entity. We will also draw up principles for the OHS operations (Occupational Health, Safety & Wellbeing) of the entire K-Group. We will place a special emphasis also on the management of labour protection and safety at work both by developing its organization and harmonizing the tools that support the management of safety at work. We will systematically monitor the entity with the help of agreed indicators. 

In competence development in 2016-2017, we will especially focus on the development of supervisory work and leadership. One of the HR functions' key initiatives that underpin the strategy is to renew the K-Group's management culture by making it bold and inspirational. The K-Way coaching programmes are targeted at both new and experienced supervisors and all supervisors will be coached in accordance with the new model within the next two-three years. The coachings are aimed to produce enhanced employee and customer experiences gained through high-quality leadership. The selected coaching themes underpin the K-Group's key management competencies, operating principles and strategy-based work as they activate towards an operating and management style that encourages initiative and responsibility.


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